Alan Millhone - ACF President & Alex Moiseyev - World Checker Champ
Picture taken at 2003 PA Open Ty.  Our new President was elected in 2003 replacing Les Balderson after 17 years of presidency.


Pennsylvania Open Tournament The PA Open tournament was played June 13-15 at the South Ridge Motor Inn, in State College, PA. Tony Kozenski is the new Pennsylvania State champ, and currently holds the new "Alex trophy" as current state champ. A 10-round, round-robin format was used. We welcomed Jason Solan who played in his first tournament. A total prize fund of $610 was awarded. Donations were received from Alex Moiseyev, Don Guy, Terry Mazzocco, and Tony Kozenski. Here are the full results.





1 Alex Moiseyev, OH 34  
2 Ed Bruch, NY 30  
3 Tony Kozenski, PA 28 190
4 Louis Cowie, OH 28 186
5 Richard Beckwith, OH 27  
6 Alan Millhone, OH 26  
7 Neil Wenberg, PA 22  
8 Jason Solan, PA 16  
9 Mike Ross, NC 13  
10 Joe Caro, PA 10  
11 Donell Guy, DE 5  

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