Sunday, July 14, 1985  State Journal Register - Springfield, Illinois "Checkered Career"

This article features Richard Fortman which was posted on ACF forum -"Checker Sharing" by Jay Hinnershitz from Earl Hangen's scrapbook. [During his almost 25 years as ACF Mail Play Director, Earl was in contact with (certainly) almost every mail player in the world, and had developed a friendly relationship with (certainly) almost all of them.  As a result of this, players from all over the world would send him anything that they had that they thought he could use in his "Wood's Ladder Report"......and he (Earl) would use what he could. But, even if he did not use it in his "WLR", he kept EVERYTHING that was ever sent to him, and he kept a scrapbook.....   I will post these here and there, and I could think of no better way to start this thread than with an article sent to Earl by THE MAN himself.. Mr. Richard Fortman...!!! ] Also on right - A National Examiner March 15, 1994 article, National Examiner is a weekly magazine similar to National Inquirer.


Richard L. Fortman's Obituary

April 19, 1979 The Greensburg Record Herald