Saturday, July 17, 1976 The Sanford News-Herald - “City hosts record-braking National Checkers Tourney”

This article was written about Sanford hosting the 1976 3-Move US Nationals.   1976 - 30th  3-Move National
ACF National 3-Move Tournament in Sanford – Moose Lodge, on July 13-17th, 1976, 114 players $7,500 prize, broke player entrance record of 110 set in 1954 at Lakeside Ohio; however, finally broken in 1990 with 130 at 3-Move Nationals in Tupelo, Miss. plus 7 youth entrants, and again in 1988 at the 3-Move Nat in Danville, VA with 123 entrants.  Nothing has come closer, only 97 entered in 2001 US GAYP - Las Vegas. WB “Burke” Grandjean  of Baton Rouge, La  and ACF secretary, President Homer L Calkins attended tournament, with ACF Treasurer, Howard L. Owen of St. Petersburg, Fla as the official ty referee. Also mentioned the July 4-5-6, 1977  the N. C. State Open Checker Tournament date. Referred to as “AT” American Tourneys (30th Nat. Tourney-1976)  (finish as: Derek Oldbury wins Masters, then Albrecht, Brunch, Lowder, Lafferty -  James Morrison & Jerry Ingram tied Majors -  Harvey Kelley wins Minors) Clint Pickard hosted two Nationals back to back (1976 3-Move National in Sanford, NC  and the 1977 GAYP National in Greensboro, NC and two more GAYP in 1979 & 1981)  





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July 17, 1976 - The Sanford News-Herald - “Briton wins match”

July 15, 1976 - The News and Observer - “Checker Players Never Get Bored - Checker Players Keep On Move”

1976 3-Move Nationals Results

US National Champions