Friday, June 26, 1981 The Sanford News-Herald - “Checkers tourney to conclude today”

This article is about the conclusion of the 1981 ACF  National  3rd GAYP Tournament in Sanford – Palomino Motel & Restaurant, Monday thru Friday noon.  6/22nd-26th 1981.  33 players participated in the tournament.  Article mentioned Derek Oldbury vs Don Lafferty, Paul Davis vs Elbert Lowder, and Les Balderson vs John Webster in the final 9th Round in Masters)  Don Lafferty wins Masters and Raleigh Johnson wins Minors.  ACF Treasurer, Howard L. Owen of St. Petersburg, Fla. officiated as ty referee. (Masters: 1. Don Lafferty, 2. Derek Oldbury, 3. Elbert Lowder, 4. Paul Davis, 5. Les Balderson,  6. John Webster.  Minors: 1. Raleigh Johnson,  2. B.T. Jones)   (1981 - 3rd GAYP National Cross-Tables)


1981 - 3rd GAYP National Cross-Tables

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