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BNB banking on 'Suki'


July 4, 2006


THE Barbados National Bank Inc. (BNB) is backing draughts legend Ronald "Suki" King in his attempt to regain the world "Three-Move Restriction" draughts title.

THE BARBADOS NATIONAL BANK INC. (BNB) is backing draughts legend Ronald "Suki" King in his attempt to regain the world "Three-Move Restriction" draughts title.

The Barbadian maestro, with the assistance of BNB, will play in a world title qualifying tournament in Stonehaven, Scotland, between July 24 and 28.

King, who was once the undisputed world champion, holding both the World Go-As-You-Please championship and the World Three-Move-Restriction title, is on a quest to regain the latter title which he lost to Russian Alex Moiseyez three years ago.

The BNB's acting senior communications officer Solange Bruce, while presenting King with a cheque for $3,240 to help defray the cost of traveling to the qualifier, said King was a draughts icon whose accomplishments were looked on with a sense of pride not only by Barbadians but by the people of the Caribbean and the world.

She said BNB had provided King with assistance to attend tournaments before and added she expected he would be the undisputed world champion again before year-end.

King thanked the BNB for the monetary assistance and noted that the company had been doing an outstanding job in assisting sports and other needy causes in Barbados.

The qualifying tournament will have eight rounds, with two being played per day. Each round will consist of two games played at 30 moves per hour. (PR)
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Suki settles for second place


August 01, 2006


BARBADOS' draughts champion Ronald "Suki" King had to settle for second position....

BARBADOS' draughts champion Ronald "Suki" King had to settle for second position behind arch rival Alex Moiseyev at the recent 2008 Gene Lindsay Three-move United States National Tournament in Las Vegas.

It came down to the eighth and final round between the two top players but all four games ended in draws, allowing Moiseyev to take the first prize of US $1,520.

King will next defend his Go-As-You-Please world title against Lubabalo Kondlo in Medina, Ohio, from September 8 to 13. This will be held a week after the Ohio Tournament. (EZS)
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Suki's Title Looks Safe


December 10, 2006


IT'S ALL BUT OVER Barbados' Ronald "Suki" King took a commanding 3-0 lead...

IT'S ALL BUT OVER, Barbados' Ronald "Suki" King took a commanding 3-0 lead at the end of yesterday's play and is virtually guaranteed to retain the World Go As You Please (GAYP) Draughts title.

Playing at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, Mississippi, United States, King kept American challenger Jim Morrison at bay, and the latter will have to win the last four games to wrest the title away from the Barbadian. That will be almost impossible. King took a 2-0 lead on the second day, winning Games 5 and 8, after Games 1 through 4 were drawn. Morrison was unable to find an advantage on the third day as Games 9 to 12 also ended in draws.

On Friday, King took the early advantage in Game 17. Playing the Black Dyke with the black pieces, he and Morrison battled for more than two hours before the American lost on an ending. King was then content to play for a draw the next three games - Black Dyke, Single Corner and Cross - all of which lasted about one hour.

On Thursday, Game 13 was played in "Maid of the Mill" style and lasted over two hours, and Morrison tried a more aggressive style in Game 14 (Single Corner) as he pushed for a win. Game 15 played along the White Dyke and lasted just over an hour, but Game 16, the Cross, ended just after five minutes.

The final four of the 24 scheduled games were to be played yesterday. Morrison was hoping to wrest the GAYP title which King has held since 1991. Another American, Alex Moiseyev, holds the Three Move Restriction title which was previously held by King. (SAC)