Elbert Lowder's 10 WTM/WCM

2002 Moiseyev vs Lowder World 11-Man Ballot World Championship Match
(Moiseyev vs Lowder) October 11-14th at the Parks and Recreation Center, Richmond, Kentucky. 20 games,
which World Eleven-Man Champion Elbert Lowder was challenged by Alex Moiseyev.  This was an exciting and even contest, resulting: 6W-6L-8D which was not enough to dethrone Lowder.  Each opponent put up $500 and the challenger paid travel, room, & board expense for the Champion. Split purse 50/50. This WCM was played parallel with the Kentucky State Open 11-13th but in a separate and special room.  Eleven-Man Ballot is the true test of a crossboard player's ability to visualize.  In this style of checkers, the board is set up as normal, but one piece of each color is removed, and then a move for each side is played.  The pieces removed and moves played are selected by random ballot.  This yields exactly 2500 unique starting positions, far too many for opening play to be memorized.  Review 20 games: Games    <>   11-Man Time Line

2002 Moiseyev vs Lowder World Title 3-Move Championship Match
This Championship Match was sanctioned by ACF for 40 games and played at the International Checker Hall of Fame "ICHF" in Petal, MS on March 11-16th  Ron King won his 3-Move Restriction Title "TMRT" from Lafferty and defended it against challenger Alex Moiseyev in December 4-9th 2000 at Petal (3-3-18).  Moiseyev challenges King again for a re-match, but King plays hideaway and after timely negotiations and meeting his demands, ACF finally scheduled this re-match in September 2001, but it was never played... so ACF stripped King of his title and scheduled this Title Match between Moiseyev vs Lowder.  There were 17 draws, the match ending 11 games early.  Lowder played his usual aggressive fireworks style, unusual non published play to gain crossboard positions; however, Alex Moiseyev loves crossboard games and put Elbert to the sword.  Moiseyev retains his title by 12-0-17. Then finally, the most anticipated WTM of all time! King vs Moiseyev at Anderson City Hall in Anderson, SC. May 23rd - June 5th, 2005 with a $10,000.00 purse. Alex whips Ron (8-3-25) who forfeits the last days 4 games. They split cash $6,000 / $4,000. 
Review 29 games: Games

1995 King vs Lowder World Title GAYP Match
This WTM was sanctioned by ACF for 20 games and played at Ken Bar Inn at Gilbertsville, Kentucky, August 7-12th.  Ron King retains the World GAYP Championship Title by 8-2-9.

1990 Lowder vs Levitt World 11-Man
Championship Match
20 Games Match held at "ICHF" in Petal, MS. September 25 - 29th.  Elbert L. Lowder of Sanford, NC beat Leo B. Levitt of Northridge, CA with a 5W-1L-11D finish, which all games were published in Walkers "Checkers" magazine (ICHF Yearbook).  This ACF sanctioned Eleven-Man Ballot reported in ACFB # 227 (December, 1990. P.5) could be considered as a challenge for the title by Mr. Levitt since Mr. Lowder won the 11-Man World Title in 1987 by defeating Richard Hallett of
Poughkeepsie, NY by (4-2-13) and defended it against Hugh Devlin 6-1-9.   Review 17games: Games  Asa Long won the 11-Man National Tourney held in 1974 in Philadelphia, and in 1975 Asa Long he won the 11-Man Match National Tourney for the US 11-Man Championship and the "11-Man World Title" from Kenneth Grover (4-2-13): however he refused to defend his title.

1989  Elbert Lowder vs Hugh Devlin World Championship 11-Man Ballot Match
This WCM was played in July 17-20 of 1989 at ICHF (International Checker Hall of Fame), in Petal, MS.  Hugh Devlin of Co. Donegal, Ireland, who challenged for the title.  Lowder defending his title 5-1-10 and retained his 11-Man WCT.   
ACFB # 220 - August 1989, pg 10

1989 Lafferty vs Lowder World Championship Freestyle "GAYP" Match
This WCM was famous for being one of the most exciting GAYP matches of all time. Sanctioned by ACF for 24 games and played at "ICHF" in Petal, MS. May 29 thru June 3rd. Lafferty took the 1st game, but Lowder won 4, 5, and 10 to be in a great position halfway through the World Title Match, making use of Tillicoultry and Single Corner openings.  This was like going back 50 years into the past!  But it worked well for Lowder.  However as he continued to probe on these old lines of play, Don Lafferty being a good friend of Marion Tinsley was coached & schooled in after round sessions so, Lafferty craftily improved his defenses and was able to gain 3 wins (games 15, 19, and 23), overturning this cliff-hanger of a match 4-3 in his favor, thus retaining the World GAYP crown by 4-3-16, he had held since narrowly defeating Oldbury in 1982.  It took two of the finest to defeat Elbert, but this was an exemplary performance from the GrandMaster Lowder. This may have been Lowder's highest AFC rating of 2588 back then. Don Lafferty won the GAYP World Title in 1982 defeating Oldbury by 1-0-23 and kept it until 1991 when he retired undefeated due to illness.

1987 Hallett vs Lowder 11-Man World Title Match 
The Hallett vs Lowder 20 Games 11-Move World Title Match in Poughkeepsie, NY at the home of Joe Schwartz in Poughkeepsie, NY
on September 21-26, 1987 Elbert Lowder of Sanford, NC defeated Richard Hallett of Poughkeepsie, NY (4-2-13).  This WTM was sanctioned by ACF and they played for a $3,000.00 purse.   ACFB # 213 - Dec /1987  (More)

1983 Hallett vs Lowder 3-Move Match 
The Hallett vs Lowder 20 Games 3-Move Invitational Match in Poughkeepsie, NY  October 10-14th.  The match was not played for any ACF Title but a recognized clash of these "Checker Titans" and these games were published in Midwest Checkers.  Richard Hallett won 4-3-9. This match was sponsored by Joe Schwartz and followed the Poughkeepsie, NY Tourney.  Hallett won the $1,000.00 stake, Lowder won the contributions collected at the tourney. ( Article )  ACFB #185 (December, 1983) P.4; Announcement: ACFB #184 (October, 1983) P.4  Review 16 games: Games

1979 Derek Oldbury (England) vs Elbert Lowder (USA) World Title "GAYP" Freestyle Match - 8/21-27, 1979
( Article )
Tom Wiswell retired as the GAYP World Champion in 1976. He defeated his last challenger in a rematch with Professor “Bill” Fraser of Canada by 7-0-17 at Glasgow, Ky in 1959, so by his retirement this allowed Oldbury to become the World GAYP Champion.  Derek Oldbury's first challenge from US was Leo Levitt in 1976 which Derek retained by 1-1-22. This WTM was Oldbury second challenge for his title since Lowder won the US GAYP Nationals in 1977. 
( Letter )  ACF & EDA sanctions a 20 games WTM in Dublin, Ireland which was played August 21st thru 27th, 1979.  Derek Oldbury retains his World GAYP Championship Title by 7-2-10.  Then Derek Oldbury lost to Don Lafferty in their Freestyle WCM in August 2-7,1982 by 1-0-23 at Elizabethtown, KY.  Lafferty defends his title against Paul Davis in a Freestyle WCM at Elizabethtown, KY in June 25-29, 1984 defeating Davis 5-0-15.  Lafferty defends his GAYP WCT against Jim Morrison 0-0-24 at Cave City, KY 6/9-12, 1986.

1979 Tinsley vs Lowder World Champion 3-Move Match - 5/21-26, 1979
This 3-Move WCM was staged by checker promoter Charles Walker with Tinsley being persuaded out of retirement, which set up for the most one-sided WCM of all time, ending 15-0-10 in favor of Marion Tinsley.  Elbert Lowder, an aggressive crossboard player, was no match for the ability and knowledge of Tinsley. Towards the end of the match Lowder virtually threw games away with dubious (but original) moves, in an attempt just to win a single game.  This match was the first WCM to be played at the newly built "ICHF" International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, MS. in May 21st thru 26th, 1979. ( Article ) Marion Tinsley wins the World 3-Move Title.  Lowder in his hayday was a Great GrandMaster Checker player but bad timing placed him against the undisputed greatest checker player of all time… Marion Tinsley. This is worst than what Willie Ryan had to deal with. Tinsley died 4/3/1995 but now Ron King and Alexander Moiseyev, two new GrandMasters are on the horizon, with the advantage of youth.

1975 Lowder vs Scheidt 3-Move Match 
Elbert Lowder and Ed Scheidt played a 12 Game NC Title Match at the Sanford Armory in Sanford, NC on April 24th, 1975. All of these games were published in a NCCA Tournament Booklet. A $100.00 purse was split 60/40 - Scheidt wins (3-2-7)  Review

1968 Lowder vs Cravens 3-Move Title Match
The Elbert Lowder vs H. L. Cravens, Jr.
was a 20 Games Match played July 25 - 27th at the Sheraton-Charles Hotel in New Orleans.  It was not played for any ACF Title but a recognized clash of these "Checker Titans."  Mr. Joe McDaniel the promoter of this match, scheduled it for 3 days before the Southern Checker Association's Annual Tournament started on Monday 29th. ( Article ) One game was published in ECB.  ACFB # 98,  P.3 (April 1969) mentioned an announcement of a rematch with Cravens and a possible match with Frazier.  Review Game

*Footnotes: information from Chinook Site, Nemesis Site, Sherman Gardner’s old Site, ACF Site, ACFB, ECB

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