May 23/24, 1990  The Compass - "He makes world-class moves" (features mail player Dennis Cayton.

This article was submitted by Jay H on ACF Forum in Checker Sharing:

When I first started playing by mail, back in 1986 , Dennis was a few months from gaining the #1 rung on Wood's Ladder.
Dennis started a continuous run on Woods Ladder in January of 1977, and after almost 10 years of plugging away, he finally won the #1 rung , defeating Bob Burroughs by the score 2-0-4 draws in a 6 game match.   :king:
Over the next few years, he had shared top rung, on and off with Burroughs , Gene Zuber and Matt Long....
During this same time period, he also won the ACF Inter-district Mail playoffs, and then the World qualifying Tourney, which gave him a shot at the World Mail Play Title, held at that time by Dick Fortman.
This article was published during their match....May, 1990.
He also had his own Mail Play Ladder, and compiled alot of analysis in his "Cayton's Compilation".

Dennis was a GIANT among mail players in his heyday, and he was like a Checker playing GOD in my book.

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