Vonda has written a number of  poems...  and what make them special, you would have to know this special lady and Otis.  A genuine Southern Belle!  She sent me this one, I hope you enjoy it!

This poem I wrote back in the 80`s to my Mom and Dad... This poem hung on
their wall until they pasted away. It now hangs in my house today.. It is a
treasure to me because it meant so much to Dad and Mom..


 Today I was reminded
    of a time that's past and gone
A time that was so special
   although it's been so long.

I remember in my childhood
   while on my daddy's knee
In a straight-backed chair that was so old
   and a story he told me.

He told me of a lady
   he had met some time ago.
A lady that was so wonderful
   and how he loved her so.

She was a special lady
   so important to his life
I remember how he smiled that day
   when he said she was his wife.

That lady is my mother
   and daddy loves her still
And if they live to be one hundred
   I know he always will.

I'm so grateful for the memories
  of the good times I have had
Eleven kids in a big ole house
   And a special mom and dad.

                                                 Vonda Jones, 1987

 My Dad and Mom were very special people who had 12 kids and raised 11 of us.
Big farm and  we all worked hard....
Dad and Mom, as of last September, have 143 descendants.... Plus some new
babies....   This does not include in-laws of kids and grandkids..

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