Let's Have a Game
Checkers Poem

Checkers Poem by, William V. Scott
In 2005, William V. Scott, a beloved checker player passed away, but he left behind some words of wisdom about this great game in the following, lets have a game of checkers poem:
Lets have a game of checkers poem published
Published Checkers Poem

Let’s have a game of checkers,” the old man softly said.

“Agreed,” the youngster answered, “a war without bloodshed.”

The board was there between them, each man upon his square,

And harmony and friendship completely filled the air.

At first the moves were gentle, like softly falling rain.

Peacefulness was everywhere like mist from cool champagne.

Suddenly, the thunder came and bared his naked sword;

The old man made a sly move that roared across the board!

War clouds floated in the sky, the old man’s trick was neat.

At the time, the young man knew, his forces faced defeat.

The battle front stood grimly awaiting his command,

And strategy was needed to make a last great stand.

The man sat in comfort, his game, he thought, was won.

The young man sensed disaster, but he was far from done.

His shaded brow was lifted, and like a rifle crack,

His hand was calmly moving to make a brave attack.

A neat pitch here, --a squeeze there, a shot across the board,

And now his forces equaled the oldster’s mighty horde.

“Draw! A draw!” the young man cried, “At last I found a draw!”

“Yes, by gosh!” the oldster smiled, “the best I ever saw!”

The war clouds swiftly faded upon the battle line;

Far across the checkered field, the sun began to shine.

With wrinkled face, sparkling eyes, and speaking without shame,

The oldster made a motion,--“Let’s have another game of checkers!”

Lets have a game of checkers poem was written by William V. Scott.