2012 Missouri State Open 3-Move
Saturday & Sunday - April 21st & 22nd, 2012 at 3116 SW State Rd 7, McDonald's in Blue Springs, Missouri 64014

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Congratulations, George!
Missouri State Champion

Congratulations, Bill!
2nd Place Winner

Congratulations, Bryce!
3rd Place Winner



ACF # Rated State Pts H Pts Cash Commits
1  George Cook 10363 1876 MO 21   $150  6th State Championship
2  Bill Wethington 10132 1874 MO 20   $125  
3  Bryce Morville 12662 1660 IL 14   $75  new player from Dalton City, IL
4  George Stallsworth 10226 1715 MO 13 95 $50  
5  Wayne Miller 10225 1796 MO 13 84 $25  
6  Wilma Wolverton 10114 1655 MO 3   $20  
   TOTAL PRIZE FUND           $445  
Submitted by Darlene Stallsworth via email Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 11:49 PM

The Missouri State Tournament was held April 21 and 22, 2012 at McDonalds in Blue Springs, Missouri. It was a small group with only six players participating -- five from Missouri and one from Illinois. Ken Kelly stopped by and visited and played a few games with the players.

Congratulations to George Cook for winning the championship for the 6th time. George and Bill fought a tough battle.

A special thank you to Wilma Wolverton for sponsoring the tournament and providing doughnuts and coffee and also to those who donated to the prize fund bringing our total to $445.00.

Missouri State Tournament Director selects the opening for each round and all contestants play that opening.  ACF Ratings are before tournament and your updated score may be views at icheckers ratings.

We want to welcome Bryce Morville who came from Dalton City, Illinois to play in our tournament and joined the Missouri Checker Association. We need lots of new young blood in our wonderful game of checkers.

George T. Cook of Lincoln is the 2012 Missouri State 3-Move Checker Champion, his sixth time: ( 2012, 2010, 20082007, 2003, 1992)

L-R: George Cook, Wilma Wolverton, Bill Wethington, George Stallsworth, Bryce Morville, Wayne Miller

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