2017 Arkansas State Open Checker Tournament 

August 26th & 27th 2017 - Saturday & Sunday
Arkansas State Checkers Tournament "Diamond in the Rough"

We will be playing at the Guesthouse Inn, in the breakfast room. Registration starts at 10:00 am, tournament to begin at 10:30 am. Entry fee is $25.00. Tournament will be 3 move restriction. This is an ACF sanctioned tournament. Players must be an ACF member. The Arkansas State winner must be a current Arkansas resident.

Guesthouse Inn, 3600 Grinnell Ave. Fort Smith, Arkansas 72908  (map )
Phone: 479-646-5100 or 855-213-0582  Fax: 479-646-4598

This is a busy time of the year for Guesthouse, so call early to reserve your room. The room rate is $59.00 plus tax. The Guesthouse is located near Interstate 540 and Hwy. 71 South. Be sure to let them know that you are with the checkers tournament.

Contact: Quint Hodges at 479-806-6321  |  quinthodges@aol.com  or John Post at  479-264-2570    1,000 miles Gbo to Ft Smith/15hrs or $568 5hr flight

Reported by Quint Hodges via email Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 2:18 PM


  2017 Arkansas State Open Checker Tournament 
August 26th & 27th 2017 - Saturday & Sunday | Guesthouse Inn, 3600 Grinnell Ave. Fort Smith, Arkansas 72908

Arkansas State Checkers Tournament "Diamond in the Rough"

We had a good turn out with 6 players from 4 states. There was 3 players from Arkansas, 1 from Oklahoma, 1 from Louisiana and 1 from Missouri.

The tournament ran smooth with a laid back relaxing atmosphere. It was more like a group of friends playing checkers for the weekend.

We played round robin of 3 move restriction with 5 rounds. Four rounds played Saturday and one round played Sunday. We had two membership renewals.

John Post is the new Arkansas State Champion and won First Place in the tournament.

Albert Tucker took 2nd Place in the tournament just one point under John Post.

George Stallsworth received a $25.00 gas card for being the player that traveled the farthest.

Joe McDaniel donated $300.00 to the prize fund. Entry fees were $150.00 making a total of $450.00 which was divided amongst all six players. Thank you Joe McDaniel, you are a special person.

It has been over 10 years since Arkansas has had a tournament and the first tournament I have ever tried to do. If you have never put on a tournament but would like to, the ACF has a great guideline to go by which is easy to understand. It helped me out a bunch. I and John Post are going to try and make the Arkansas tournament a yearly event.

THANKS to all the players that participated in this year’s tournament, we hope to see you again next year.


  Arkansas State Tournament               3 move   8/27/2017  
Finish Name City State Rate Op. Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Rd. 4 Rd. 5 Total Points Cash
1  John Post  Russellville Ark 1897 6 5T4=4 2T4=8 3T2=10 4T3=13 1T3=16 16 $154.00
2  Albert Tucker  Minden LA 1928 3 4T4=4 1T3=7 6T2=9 2T4=13 5T2=15 15 $103.00
3  Johnny Barham  Rogers Ark 1884 5 6T0=0 4T2=2 2T4=6 1T3=9 3T2=11 11 $77.00
4  Quint Hodges  Huntington Ark 1578 2 1T4=4 6T0=4 5T0=4 3T0=4 4T3=7 7 $51.00
5  George Stallsworth  Saint Joseph MO 1654 4 3T0=0 5T2=2 1T2=4 6T1=5 2T1=6 6 $39.00
6  Joe McDaniel  Tulas OK 1520 1 2T0=0 3T1=1 4T2=3 5T1=4 6T1=5 5 $26.00
                      TOTAL $450.00



Joe McDaniel: A $300.00 check added to the prize fund which was greatly appreciated.

Guest House Inn: Since we had two rooms rented to checker players, they allow us to use the breakfast room as our playing area at no charge.

Miss Laura’s Fort Smith Visitor Center: Ten gift bags with information about local attractions and events, an ink pen and a key ring.

John Post: Contacted the local news media and reached out to other checker players in the area about our tournament.

Jessica Brown: My daughter, who volunteered her time to help decorate the room, take pictures, keep up with the registration, name tags, and score cards.

Quint Hodges: Thirty ounce engraved tumblers, one for each player, and a $25.00 gas card for the player that traveled the farthest.

The players gave me (Quint Hodges) a $25.00 gift card for my involvement of helping with the tournament. 


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