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Checker Clubs:

Burlington Checker Club - every Tuesday evening
Eden Library - Checkers Eden, NC - Wednesday
Carpet Mart, Murphy, NC - Thursdays
Corinth Checker Club, Corinth, MS - Mondays
Louisville Youth Checker Club - Mondays - Nativity Academy at Saint Boniface, Louisville KY | Rated Tournament
Lexington Checker Club, Lexington, KY
Lancaster County area PA, USA - "Green Dragon"
Madisonville Checkers Club, Madisonville, TN
Anchorage Alaska Senior Center
Pinecraft Park, Sarasota, FL
International Tournament dates

January, 2017 


February, 2017   

February 24th & 25th  Dave Beachy's Checker Meet, Sarasota, FL - RESULTS
February 25th & 26th  British & Irish Open, Naas co Kildare, Ireland - RESULTS

March, 2017

March 3rd - 5th  Tennessee State Open Tournament, Lebanon, TN - RESULTS
March 20th  Randolph County Senior Games - Checkers, Asheboro, NC - RESULTS
March 28th, thru 31st, (Tuesday - Friday) - 2017 ACF 11-MAN BALLOT National, “The Seres Checker Classic”, Branson, MO. - RESULTS

April, 2017

April 1st & 2nd   The 112th Illinois State Checker Tournament, Marion, IL - RESULTS
April 5th - GLICC (Great Lakes International Checkers Conference Tournament no. 39) - RESULTS

May, 2017

May 19th & 20th   The 127th Annual North Carolina State Open Checker Tournament & ACF District 4, Burlington, NC - RESULTS

June, 2017

June 2nd & 3rd  Texas & District 8 Checker Tournament, Vidor, TX - RESULTS
June 10th  Missouri State 3-Move Open, St. Joseph, MO - RESULTS
June 12th - 16th  2017 Canadian Championship Match (Lorne Wells vs Clint Olsen), Kitchener, Ontario - RESULTS
June 18th thru June 25th  The Barbados Open, Barbados, W.I. - RESULTS
June 23rd & 24th  Pete Schmucker's Checker Meet, Shipshewana, IN - Postponed to July 14 & 15
June 24th  New England States Open & District 1, Dover, MA - RESULTS

July, 2017

July 7th - 9th  Southern Checker Tournament, Lebanon, TN - RESULTS
July 10th - 13th The 51st Annual National APCA Tournament, Countryside, Il - RESULTS
July 14th - 15th  Pete Schmucker's Checker Meet, Shipshewana, IN - RESULTS
July 24th - 27th  2017 “Don Lafferty Memorial” GAYP National Checker Tournament, Lebanon, TN - RESULTS
July 31st - August 4th  The 2017 WCDF World GAYP Qualifier & Women/Youth World Championship, ICHF, Petal, MS - RESULTS

August, 2017

August 18th & 19th  Annual Mid-Ohio Checker Meet, Fredericksburg, OH. - RESULTS
August 26th & 27th  Arkansas State Open Checkers Tournament, Fort Smith, AR - RESULTS
August 26th  Burlington Checker Club & Alamance Co. Cedarock Park - Preserving Our Heritage Festival, Graham, NC - Postponed

September, 2017

September 9th - 23rd  The 3-Move World Challenge Match between Michele Borghetti and Sergio Scarpetta, Livorno, Italy - RESULTS
September 23rd   Mayberry Days, Mount Airy, NC - RESULTS
September 29th - 30th  Virginia Open, Collinsville, VA - RESULTS
September 30th & October 1st   Ohio State Open, Lyndhurst, Ohio - RESULTS

October, 2017

October 1st   Ohio State Open, Lyndhurst, Ohio - RESULTS
October 7th & 8th The 83rd Illinois 101 Counties Open Tournament, Marion, IL - RESULTS
October 7th  Burlington Checker Club & Alamance Co. Cedarock Park - Preserving Our Heritage Festival, Graham, NC - RESULTS
October 14th & 15th Kentucky Open, Richmond, KY - RESULTS

November, 2017

November 10th & 11th   Alabama Open & District 5 Tournament, Guin, AL - RESULTS
November 11th & 12th  19th Annual Pool Checkers Festival, South Bend, IN - RESULTS
November 17th thru 25th  US Open 2017 “Kolman Turiy Memorial” 10x10 - International Checkers Association of North America (ICAONA), Huntington, NY - RESULTS

December, 2017

December 16th  International Checker Hall of Fame (ICHF) Christmas Party, Petal, MS - RESULTS
December 30th & 31st Youth GAYP WCM - Tanya Zaitseva vs Alex Holmes - International Checker Hall of Fame (ICHF) Petal, MS - RESULTS

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