2017 WCDF World GAYP Qualifier & Women/Youth World Championship 
  held at The International Checkers Hall of Fame (ICHF) in Petal, Mississippi (map)
from July 31
st to August 4th

Men Final Standings: (after 8 Rounds)  |  2017 WCDF QT&WC GAYP Crosstable Score-Sheet  |  2017 ChessArbiter Men's page

1. GM Kondlo, Lubabalo (South Africa) 20 pts., 363 S/B  (winning the Gold Medal)
2. GM Moiseyev, Alex (USA) 20 pts., 297 S/B  (winning the Silver Medal)
3. Nonyukela, Melikaya (South Africa) 20 pts., 294 /SB  (winning the Bronze Medal)
4. GM King, Ron (Barbados) 19 pts., 355 S/B
5. Luntonti, Maxwell (South Africa) 19 pts., 302 S/B
6. IM Price, Colin (Barbados) 19 pts., 252 S/B
7. GM Scarpetta, Sergio (Italy) 19 pts., 219 S/B
8. GM Bernini, Matteo (Italy) 18 pts., 333 S/B
9. IM Sokolovsky, Mark (USA) 17 pts., 201 S/B
10. IM Webster, John (USA) 16 pts., 179 S/B
11. Wray, Laverne (USA) 15 pts., 180 S/B
12. Lapin, Vadym (Ukraine) 14 pts., 142 S/B
13. Cantatore, Elia (Italy) 7 pts., 51 S/B
14. Katamba, Nicholas (Uganda) 1 pt., 16 S/B

-Congratulations to GM Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa), who first won the 2017 US GAYP Nationals in Labanon, TN last week and then again this week winning the 2017 WCDF Qualifier in Petal, MS and good luck for your match against Michele Borghetti in 2018!  With this fine victory he won the right to challenge World Champion Michele Borghetti (ITA) in 2018. Overall he showed the most consistent performance with the highest tiebreaker and no ups and downs and surely deserved his triumph. Maybe his lifelong dream of becoming World Champion could come true and a new final chapter to "King Me" should be filmed...?
-Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev (USA), who at last miraculously managed to tie for 1st place, but his tournament was a story of ups and downs, not quite consistent enough to prevail.
-Congratulations to Melikaya Nonyukela (South Africa) who also tied for 1st place, but lost to Lubablo in Round one. One bad move may have made the difference, but maybe not next time!
-Very strong performances were also made by Ron King (Barbados), Maxwell Luntonti (South Africa) and Matteo Bernini (Italy), who managed to stay undefeated, but were a bit unlucky with the pairings and surely should have made higher places. (notes by Ingo Zachos)
The tiebreakers are as follows:
1. direct comparison, and, if complete, a minileague in case of more then 2 players are equal on points.
2. Sonneborn/Berger.

Women's World Championship, Final standings: (after 6 rounds)   2017 WCDF Women's World Championship Crosstable Score-Sheet & Prize Fund
1. WGM Nadiya Chyzevska (Ukraine) 16 points,  (winning the Gold Medal)
2. Tanya Zaitseva (Ukraine) 14 points,  (winning the Silver Medal)
3. Wynelle Neverson (Barbados) 11 points, (winning the Bronze Medal)
4. Kim Willis (USA) 7 points.
-Congratulatuions to the New World Champion (GAYP) Nadiya Chyzevska of Kiev, formerly Donetsk, Ukraine
-Congratulations to Tanya Zaitseva (Ukraine) for her debut on international level, almost winning the World Championships at the first attempt.
-Congratulations to Wynelle Neverson (Barbados), who without her bad start could have won and who proved in the second half of the tournament that she can beat ayone in GAYP.
-Congratulations to Kim Willis, who was elected to the WCDF executive board while attending a World Championship.  (notes by Ingo Zachos)
2017 World Youth Championship Match Results:

 Tayna wins 5-1-2  |  Finished 8/4/17 (10 games of rapid play) between Tanya Zaitseva (UKR) and Elia Cantatore (ITA)  (ICHF) Petal, Mississippi. |  Referee: GM Alex Moiseyev  |  2017 Youth games:



Nominations for 2017 WCDF QT & WC - dead line was July 1, 2017  ...  ACF Forum post by Ingo Zachos on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:05 am (32 singed up but only 18 played)
Barbados (BDA):
GM Jack Francis
GM Ron King
Barbados (BNDA):
IM Colin Price
Eastern Cape Association:
GM Lubabalo Kondlo
Melikaya Nonyukela
Italy (FID):
GM Sergio Scarpetta
GM Matteo Bernini
Iqbal Ahmad
Turmenistan (TNDC):
GM Bashim Durdyev
Maksat Durdyvey
Turkmenistan (TCA):
GM Baghtiyar Durdyev
Nicholas Katamba
Ukraine (UDF):
Vadym Lapin
GM Alex Moiseyev
GM Jim Morrison
IM Michael Holmes
IM John Webster
LaVerne Wray
IM Mark Sokolovsky
Alex Holmes
Barbados (BDA):
Wynell Neverson
Turkmenistan (TNDC):
Altynay Ovezova
Jemile Mammetnyazova
Turkmenistan (TCA):
Arazsoltan Amanmyradova
Ukraine (UDF):
Nadiya Chyzhevska
Tetiana Zaitzeva
Kim Willis
Amangul Berdiyeva
Italy (FID):
Elia Catatore
Ukraine (UDF)
Tanya Zaitseva (UKR)

As this list is only preliminary further nominations are possible and some player may not show up, but surely Ron King, Sergio Scarpetta, Alex Moiseyev, Lubabalo Kondlo and young Matteo Bernini are somehow favorites, but other strong grandmasters and masters may pull out a surprise. In the Women's defending World Champion Amangul Berdiyeva is always a favorite as is former World Champion Nadiya Chyzhevska and, after her stunning performance in Rome last year, young Altynay Ovezova may be regarded as no outsider anymore.  I also think, based on the strong performances of the Ukrainian women school in all kind of draughts that Tetiana Zaitzeva might probaly be no outsider as well. All the others also showed good performances in the past and will be hard to beat. (notes from Ingo Zachos)

2017 Tournament Dates