(aka Southern States) traditionally played in the summer
The usual 8-Round, 4-Games Schedule was 3 Classes of play as one round Monday & Friday and two rounds Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

1908 F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC 2nd Pickett, 3rd Hall, 4th Netherlands   1st Southern States Ty   9/10-12  Atlanta, GA
1909 F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC 2nd Pickett, 3rd Hall, 4th Chadwick   2nd Southern States Ty 8/26-27 Atlanta, GA
1910 F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC 2nd Blackwell, 3rd Odom, 4th Evans   3rd Southern States  8/11-13 Macon, GA - 35W-0L-13D out of 48 games - he also won 3 games against Ajeeb in NYC at Eden Musée that year.
1911 J. M. Allen 2nd Neville, 3rd Raymond, 4th Evans   4th Southern States   7/27-28  Greenville, SC - Allen also elected President
1912 J. M. Allen 2nd Hallman, 3rd ?, 4th ?   5th Southern States   9/11-12  Knoxville, TN
1913 George C. Anderson-NC 2nd Fishburne, 3rd Evans, 4th ?   6th Southern States   9/  Atlanta, GA
1914 George C. Anderson-NC 2nd McNair, 3rd ?, 4th ?   7th Southern States   7/  Cheraw, SC
1915 F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC 2nd Hallman, 3rd ?, 4th ?   8th Southern States   7/  Chick Springs, SC
1916 F.B. Fishburne & G.C. Anderson (tie)  3rd ?, 4th ?   9th Southern States   7/  Chick Springs, SC (tie never played off)
1917 F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC 2nd Hill, 3rd ?, 4th ?   10th Southern States   7/  Charlotte, NC
1918 E. E. Styles 2nd Robinson, 3rd ?, 4th ?   11th Southern States   7/  Atlanta, GA
1919 G. C. Raymond 2nd McNair, 3rd ?, 4th ?   12th Southern States   7/  Newman, GA
1920 C. M. Robinson 2nd McNair, 3rd ?, 4th ?   13th Southern States   7/ Augusta, GA
1921 G. C. Raymond 2nd McNair, 3rd ?, 4th ?   14th Southern Checker Ty  8/16-17 Asheville, NC

G. C. Raymond

2nd McNair, 3rd ?, 4th ?    15th Southern Checker Ty 8/15-16  Columbia, NC
1923 F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC (9th) .2nd Hallman, 3rd ?, 4th ?     16th Southern Ty  8/15-16 Spartanburg, SC
1924   Ed Scheidt - NYC 2nd Hallman, 3rd ?, 4th ?     17th Southern Ty 8/12-14  Charlotte, NC
1925 Ed Scheidt - NYC 2nd Warlick, 3rd Styles, 4th Hallman    18th Southern Ty  8/18-20  Spartanburg, SC
1926 G. C. Raymond 2nd Anderson, 3rd Hallman & Scheidt (tied)  Raymond won G.C. Anderson in finals  19th Southern Ty  8/10-11  Charlotte, NC
1927 G. C. Raymond 2nd Styles, 3rd Hallman, 4th McIntyre   20th Southern Ty  8/9-10  Spartanburg, SC
1928 Edwin F. Hunt-TN 2nd Anderson, 3rd Scheidt, 4th McIntyre Hunt won G.C. Anderson  0-1-3 finals 21st Southern Ty  8/15-16  Charlotte, NC
1929 Edward Scheidt - NYC 2nd Hallman, 3rd ?, 4th ?    22nd Southern Ty  8/13-15  Spartanburg, SC
1930 Edwin F. Hunt-TN 2nd Scheidt,  3rd Hallman, 4th Smith Hunt vs Scheidt 1-0-7 in final  23rd Southern Ty  8/15-16  Spartanburg, SC, 39 entrants
1931 Edwin F. Hunt-TN 2nd Scheidt,  3rd ?, 4th ? Hunt vs Scheidt 2-1-3 in finals  24th Southern Ty  8/11-12  Asheville, NC
1932 Edwin F. Hunt-TN 2nd Patterson,  3rd Terry, 4th Garris   25th Southern Ty  8/15-16 Atlanta, GA, 33 entrants
1933 R.W. Garris-NC 2nd Smith,  3rd Terry, 4th McIntyre   26th Southern Ty  8/8-9 Charlotte, NC
1934 Dr. J.D. McNeill 2nd Grant,  3rd Styles, 4th Smith (McNeill defeated 18yrs old Hoover Grant  2-1-1 finals) 27th Southern Ty  8/7-8 Greenville, SC, 37 entrants
1935 Herbert H. Clifton 2nd Grant,  3rd ?, 4th ?   28th Southern Ty  8/14  Charlotte, NC
1936 Herbert H. Clifton 2nd Summerford,  3rd Beardon, 4th Hallman   29th Southern Ty  8/19-20  Nashville, TN, 32 entrants
1937 Herman L. Rudolph-PA 2nd Ingram,  3rd Richards, 4th Baker   30th Southern Ty  8/18-19  Richmond, VA
1937 12 Game Match (Harry Lieberman-DC vs Stephen Fairchild-CA) Lieberman 1-0-11 played during Southern, Fairchild guest of  O.J. Tanner, Flat Rock, NC
1938 George G. Payne-GA 2nd W. H. Patterson,  3rd ?, 4th ?   31st Southern Ty  8/17-18  Atlanta, GA
1939 Basil G. Case-IL 2nd Summerford,  3rd Fields, 4th Turner   32nd Southern Ty  8/9-11 Birmingham, AL, 42 Entries
1940 Basil G. Case-IL 2nd Cameron,  3rd Shaw, 4th Richards   33rd Southern Ty  8/14-16  Hendersonville, NC
1941 Basil G. Case-IL 2nd Cameron,  3rd Hord, 4th McGee   34th Southern Ty  8/13 - 14  Asheville, NC
1942 Basil G. Case-IL 2nd Ingram,  3rd Gresham, 4th Ruth   35th Southern Ty  8/12 - 14  Greenville, SC
1943 Basil G. Case-IL 2nd Burford,  3rd Styles, 4th Gresham 5th, Lloyd Taylor-AL 36th Southern Ty  Summer  Birmingham, AL
1944 Basil G. Case-IL (6th in a row) 2nd Gresham,  3rd Chamblee,  4th Styles   37th Southern Ty  8/6  Nashville, TN
1945 W.Q. Gresham-LA 2nd Styles,  3rd Vidlack,  4th Richards   38th Southern Ty  8/15-18  Roanoke, VA
1946 Lloyd W. Taylor-AL 2nd Thomas,  3rd Simpson,  4th Protho won 2-0-2 W.G. Thomas in finals 39th Southern Ty  11/2-5  New Orleans, LA
1947 Maurice Chamblee-AL 2nd Cameron,  3rd Styles,  4th Taylor   40th Southern Ty  8/19-21  Mobile, AL
1948 Lloyd W. Taylor-AL 2nd Fields,  3rd R. Gresham,  4th W. Gresham   41st Southern Ty  6/9-13 Asheville, NC 54 Entries (Taylor beat Raymond Fields in final)
1949 Sam S. Hallman 2nd Armstrong,  3rd Vidlack, 4th Brown Hallman beat R.A. Armstrong 1-0-3 in finals 42nd Southern Ty  8/16-18 Spartanburg, SC
Elbert Lowder's 1st Tournament - placed 5th (age 17)
1950 Richard Hallett - NY 2nd Gresham,  3rd Tribble, 4th Taylor 20 yr old Hallett beat WQ Gresham 2-1-1 in final rd 43rd Southern Ty  8/19-21  Mobile, AL
1951 W. Q. Gresham-LA 2nd Sanders,  3rd Fields, 4th Lafferty --- 44th Southern Ty  8/19-21  Nashville, TN
1952 Alex Cameron-OH 2nd Ingram,  3rd Lowder,  4th Fields Phil Brown wins Minors 45th Southern Ty
1953 Maurice Chamblee-AL 2nd Vidlack,  3rd Sanders,  4th McGee W.Q. Gresham  8/3-9  46th Southern Ty-Asheville, NC  (80 players)
1954 Basil G. Case-AL (7th Southern) 2nd Langdon,  3rd Cameron,  4th McGee & Fields (tied) --- 6/21-26  47th Southern Ty - Louisville, KY
1955 Elzy Langdon-KY 2nd Taylor,  3rd Sides, 4th McGee --- 48th Southern Ty
1956 Elbert L. Lowder-NC 2nd Ingram,  3rd Jones, 4th Tribble --- 49th Southern Ty
1957 Harry S. Anderson-NC 2nd Ingram,  3rd McGee, 4th Taylor & Efird (tied)   50th Southern Ty
1958 Basil G. Case-AL (8th Southern) 2nd Lowder,  3rd Tayor, 4th Burton --- 51st Southern Ty
1959 Lloyd W. Taylor-AL 2nd Lowder,  3rd Langdon, 4th Lanier --- 52nd Southern Ty
1960 Milton Loew-NY 2nd Lafferty,  3rd Lowder, 4th Taylor 5th Bruch 8/8-13  53rd Southern Ty - Birmingham, AL
1961 Edwin F. Hunt-TN 2nd Taylor,  3rd H. Anderson, 4th Scheidt 5th Lafferty 54th Southern Ty - Murfreesboro, TN
1962 Elbert Lowder-NC 2nd Davis,  3rd McGee, 4th Caldwell --- 55th Southern Ty 7/9 - 13  Asheville, NC
1963 H.L. Cravens-TX & Don Lafferty-KY 3rd Scheidt, 4th Sam Bingham, 5th Lowder --- 7/15-21 56th Southern Ty  - Marietta, GA   (record, 81 players)
1964 Don Lafferty-KY& H. L. Cravens-TX 3rd Lowder, 4th Taylor --- 7/27-31  57th Southern Ty - Baton Rouge, LA
1965 Ed Scheidt-NC & Lloyd Taylor-AL 3rd  Traylor, 4th Cornell --- 7/26-30  58th Southern Ty 1st Open Southern -  Gainesville, GA
1966 H. L. Cravens-TX 2nd Lowder, 3rd Burton, 4th Fields --- 59th Southern Ty
1967 Hugh Burton-TN & Lloyd Taylor-AL 3rd  Hanson, 4th Scheidt --- 60th Southern Ty
1968 Ronnie Johnson & K.D. Hanson-CA 3rd  Burton,  4th Rolader --- 61st Southern Ty (last year played at DKO, New Orleans)
1969 Don Lafferty -KY 2nd Fuller, 3rd Lowder, 4th Scheidt 5Crawford, 6Cravens 62nd Southern Ty - Houston, TX
1970 Marion Tinsley -FL 2nd Scheidt, 3rd Fuller, 4th Lowder 5Cravens, 6Lafferty 63rd Southern Ty - 7/27-31- Memphis, TN  (Tinsley returns after 12 yrs)
1971 Don Lafferty -KY Jimmy Guthrie-TN 2Cravens, 3Fuller, 4Lowder, 5Burton, 6Albrecht 64th Southern -7/26-30 - Atlanta, GA
1972 Walter Hellman -IN Tom Gabbard  George Parker 65th Southern 2Lowe, 3Lowder, 4Cravens - 8/29-9/2 - Asheville, NC
1973 Elbert Lowder - NC Hal Cunningham- Frank Ramsey-TN 66th Southern 2Cravens, 3Davis, 4Mugner, - Warner Robins, Ga.
1974 Marion Tinsley - FL Luther Stubblefield-OK W. E. Federson 67th Southern 2Lowder, 3Burton, 4Scheidt
1975 Marion Tinsley - FL Robert Bulter-TN Charles Phillips-TN 68th Southern 2Lowder, (3-4 tie Lafferty, Burton)  - Paris, TN
1976 Lloyd Taylor - AL Hal Cunningham --- 69th Southern
1977 Elbert Lowder - NC W. E. Lawless W. H. Rosser 70th Southern Caldwell, Fuller, Lafferty, Cravens, Taylor - 7/25-29 Longview, TX
1978 Elbert Lowder - NC Tim Laverty - NC --- 71st Southern  7/24-28  Longview, TX
1979 Don Lafferty - KY Hoover Grant-NC Bill Fedderson - 72nd Southern  Fuller, Lowder, Burton, Cravens, Caldwell -Longview, TX
1980 Elbert Lowder - NC Anthony Bishop - TN John Hickey-TN 73rd Southern Natchez Trace Inn, Tupelo, MS July 28- Aug 1
1981 Don Lafferty - KY Tom Gabbard  Rick Callaghan-VA 74th Southern Oldbury, Cravens, Lowder, Fuller, Taylor - Elizabethtown, KY
1982 Marion Tinsley - FL Albert Tucker - LA Jim Truitt-GA 75th Southern
1983 Elbert Lowder - NC Rick Callaghan - VA J. B. Morris-AR 76th Southern Tupelo, MS July 24-29th
1984 H. L. Cravens, Jr. -TX Joe Schwartz - NY Ben Youmans 77th Southern
1985 Don Lafferty - KY --- --- 3way tie: Lowder, Cravens hpts Lafferty (4-5 tie Laverty, Davis) - Ken Bar Inn, KY 7/28-8/2 (68 entrants)
1986 Elbert Lowder - NC Ezra Rolader-GA Jerrel Kerr 1/1/86 Les Balderson replaces Homer Calkins after 20yrs as ACF President
1987 Elbert Lowder - NC Jewell Nelson-IN Charles Knott-TN 7/27-31, 80th Southern, Ken-Bar Inn, Gilbertsville, KY (record Cash Prize) 72 entrants
1988 Don Lafferty - KY Robert Clark - KY James Prince - KY 81st Southern  Lowder, Fuller,  Laverty, Nelson - Ken-Bar Inn, Gilbertsville, KY
1989 Richard Hallett - NY (Ron King 2nd) William Stewart - AR Elmer Donelson-VA 82nd Southern,  Royal Vista Inn, Hot Spring, AR  7/24-28  (73 entrants)
1990 Richard Hallett - NY Joe Schwartz -NY J. B. Morris-AR 83rd Southern
1991 Ron King - Barbados --- --- 84th Southern
1992 Don Lafferty - KY --- --- 85th Southern Chinook, Lafferty, Bruch, Lowder - Ken-Bar Inn, KY
1993 Elbert Lowder - NC Jewell Nelson-IN --- 86th Southern
1994 Chinook - Canada --- Bill McClintock-NC 87th Southern
1995 Elbert Lowder - NC (11th Southern) Arwood Smith - KY --- 88th Southern J. Morrison, Bruch, Lafferty, Laverty - Ken-Bar Inn, KY
1996 Don Lafferty - KY (10th Southern) --- --- 89th Southern - July - Ken-Bar Inn, KY
1997 Richard Hallett - FL  --- --- 90th Southern
1998 Richard Hallett - FL  Bill Levine-NY --- 91st Southern
1999 Richard Hallett - FL  Frank Davis-TN & Pat Berry-AL --- 92nd Southern
2000 Gene Lindsay - TN Carson Gullett - KY --- Keen, Burton,  Lowder, Webster, Laverty, - July 22nd - 24th  Lexington, NC
2001 Richard Hallett - FL  Joe Schwartz -FL Bill McClintock-NC 94th Southern July 9th - 12th  Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon, TN
2002 Richard Hallett - FL   Clayton Nash -MS Gary Bryant-TN & Ken Shultz-TN 95th Southern July 10th - 14th  Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon TN
2003 Richard Hallett - FL Joe Schwartz - FL Bill McClintock-NC 96th Southern July 9th - 13th  Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon TN | 29 entrants
2004 Tim Laverty - NC John Estes - TN Dale Hedrick-TN 97th Southern July 8th - 11th  Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon TN | 28 entrants
2005 John Estes - TN Frank Davis -TN No Minor Division 98th Southern July 7th - 10th  Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon TN | 25 entrants
2006 Joe Schwartz - FL Josh Armstrong - AL No Minor Division 99th Southern July 6th - 9th  Best Western - Executive Inn, Lebanon TN | 22 entrants
2007 Gene Lindsay - TN Teal Stanley - NC No Minor Division 100th Southern July 5-8th  Americas Best Value - Lebanon TN | 20 entrants
2008 Joe Schwartz - FL Dale Hedrick-TN & Homer Rankhorn-TN No Minor Division 101st Southern July 10-13th Americas Best Value, Lebanon, TN | 17 entrants
2009 IM Larry Keen - TN Hollis McClard -TN J. R. Smith-NC 102nd Southern  July 10-12th  Americas Best Value - Lebanon TN | 25 entrants
2010 GM Alex Moiseyev - OH John Acker - OH Trey Stanley-NC 103rd Southern July 9-11th  Americas Best Value - Lebanon TN | 32 entrants
2011 IM John R. Webster - NC Nick Boatman - TN No Minor Division 104th Southern July 8-10th  Americas Best Value - Lebanon TN | 23 entrants
2012 Nick Boatman - TN Carson "Bill" Gullett- KY No Minor Division 105th Southern July 6-8th  Americas Best Value - Lebanon TN | 22 entrants
2013 GM Jim Morrison - KY John Estes - TN No Minor Division 106th Southern July 5-7th  Day Inn - Lebanon TN | 18 entrants
2014 Teal Stanley - NC Harvey Powell - TN No Minor Division 107th Southern July 11-13th  Day Inn - Lebanon TN | 19 entrants
2015 GM Alex Moiseyev - OH Byron Woolum - KY No Minor Division 108th Southern July 10-12th  Comfort Suites - Lebanon TN | 18 entrants
2016 Teal Stanley - NC Ken Christian - TN No Minor Division 109th Southern July 8-9th  Comfort Suites - Lebanon TN | 15 entrants
2017 Alex Holmes - IN Jerry Askins - KY No Minor Division 110th Southern July 7-9th  Comfort Suites - Lebanon TN | 11 entrants
2018 GM Jim Morrison - KY Lynn Steelman - GA No Minor Division 111th Southern July 5-7th  Comfort Suites - Lebanon TN  | 16 entrants
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