State Cup Event  
The State Cup Event will be held November 4th - 6th , 2005  (cancelled)

in Marion, Illinois at the mall . Four-person teams will compete against other teams
to determine a state cup champion in three-move play.  In the meantime, please check
with checker players from your state or work with your District managers as needed at
rounding up a team to come and compete in this new event. States are welcome to
submit more than one team. We welcome all skill levels. For states with sparse
membership, you may combine with other states or assemble a "District" team.
Also, Canada and other countries are welcome to organize a team. More details later.

Please let me know your team when it's assembled at, or
Richard Beckwith,
34490 Ridge Road #115
Willoughby, OH 44094.

For more information please contact Richard Beckwith at


Added By Richard Beckwith ( On Sun 07/03/05 0154BST:
At this stage, it's a new event, and I don't know if a lot of people are seriously thinking about it yet, since it's still far off, and I have only done preliminary advertisement so far. I will set a date for this fall by when people should submit their team line-ups. As for what I know now....there will be one Ohio team. Roger Blaine said he would try and round up and Indiana team. Wade Holder was very interested, so I hope we can get at least one NC team. I suspect we will see multiple teams from nearby states like IL, MO, and KY. Tennessee players often come to Marion too. We typically see 40-50 in Marion for the Illinois state tournament. I would certainly love to see even higher numbers than this, and we will have a nice prize fund.

North Carolina has plenty of excellent checker players and this would be an ideal time to form a Master, Major, and Minor State Cup Teams.  Enjoy more Checkers, Play More Checkers, and Promote More Checkers!

Get in touch with: Wade Holder, Larry Michael, Tim Laverty, Cecil Lowe, Bill McClintock, Jeff Webster, or Mike Ross

NCCA Officers - ACF District 4 Manager - Burlington Checker Club