1987 NC  “3-Move” Open
 97th Annual North Carolina State Open Checker Tournament
Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday - July 12th - 14th, 1987 at Raleigh, NC

Elbert Lowder won the 1987 North Carolina State Open held July 12th  through the 14th. Tim Laverty was second and Bob Butler was third; next were 4-5 tie Q. T. East & Earl Luffman, then Raleigh Johnson, and Don Trivette.  Dennis Cayton won the Minors, followed by Ben Jones, B. T. Jones, J. C. Little, Cecil Lowe, Fred Church, Wade Holder, James Sipe, and Frank Walls.  There were 32 entrants, 12 in Majors and 20 in the Minors. [ACFB # 208 pg 3, August, 1987]

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