Checker Videos  

There are some links to instructional checker videos from players with digital camcorder that upload their games and checkers-related videos to YouTube:  You may continue viewing all the checker tutorials and instruction videos once there.  Let them know you appreciate their work and their effort to share this wonderful game!

John Acker - 2010 National poster: Jimmy O'Grady, George Gerhauser, & Alex Weaver - GAYP Natl Lebanon 09.jpg (185066 bytes)

(Alex Weaver) aka deathstroke & profoundmoves:  canelejas shot  (lots more...) 

(George Gerhauser) aka checkercycle "Play Along":  Key Landings:    

Old 14th opening:   Lair Lair & Lady: 

Bristol:   Dundee:

Checkers 101 / Strategy & Tactics - Problem: 

wtm&w:    White Doctor:          

 Hellman vs Tinsley:    Cross:

Souter by Alex & George:   Ryan Pronk 2010NC Open.jpg (72567 bytes)

Payne's Draw:  (lots more...) 

(Ryan Pronk) aka azcheckers:  Basics Formations:   

Strongest GAYP Openings:

Oliver's Twister:   2K vs 1K:   

 3k vs 2K   Souter: 

 Alex Moiseyev interview: