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2021 Checker News!

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Joe & Jeannie McDaniel's “Scotland vacation”
Amendment to ACF BY-LAWS and Constitution - “Amendment XII”
December 2018 Financial Report in ACFB #396 | 2016 ACF Financial Report
Michael Holmes starts next Checker Session
Jay Hinnershitz, OMOCH (On-Line Museum of Checker History)
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2015 International Checkers Hall of Fame (ICHF) Checkers Annual Magazine

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Release of Binomial Checkers
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Joe McDaniel - LDR Hall of Fame - 2019 inductees

Some of Our Oldest ACF Members
Joe McDaniel and Jeannie
New ACF Official Ratings (Clint Olsten)
Bill Salot in the news!
Joe McDaniel and Ollie
Larry Pollard Mural
Gold Peak Ice Tea
2015 Visit to Checker Maven's HQ - Bob Newell

Tommy Canning died 10/7/2021, Age 73
Roy C. Little died 10/4/2021, Age 85
John B. Weaver died 10/3/2021, Age 83
Steve D. Watkins died 8/20/2021, Age 67

Len B. Stokes died 4/18/2021, Age 91
Grover F. Minor died 4/17/2021, Age 89
Sue Devoy died 4/17/2021, Age 76
Leon J. Creek died 2/27/2021, Age 84
Bobby Blankenship died 1/25/2021, Age 88
Beatrice Christian died 1/14/2021, Age 86
Lawrence Lloyd Eugene Holder died 1/10/2021
Thomas Lee Shumpert died 12/2/2020, Age 79
Paul M Davis died 11/12/2020, Age 101
Durwood “Durk” Fogle died 10/29/2020, Age 93
Pamela Marie Jones-Simpson died 10/14/2020, Age 56
Shirley Ann Lerum died 9/28/2020, Age 82
Banner Smith died 8/19/2020, Age 92
Louis V. Cowie died 5/5/2020, Age 91
Howard Hoover died 4/16/2020, Age 86
Ashley D. Reid died 4/11/2020, Age 96
William Robert “Willie” Tart died 4/3/2020, Age 77
Alfred Charles Darrow Jr died 4/2/2020, Age 85
Edith E (Susie) Taylor died 12/31/2019, Age 64 - wife of Ted Taylor
Earl L. Kennell died 12/4/2019, Age 86
Mamie Wethington died 11/21/2019, Age 77 - wife of Bill Wethington
Robert L. (Bob) Myers died 10/28/2019, Age 87
John Hinkle died 11/13/2019, Age 87 - Father of Brian Hinkle
Ian Claws died 10-11-2019 Age 85

Donald D. “Mr. Checkers” Deweber died 9/13/2019 Age 81
John Hinkle died 7/9/2019, Age 63 - 2 yrs older brother of Brian Hinkle
Claude Edward Watkins died 7/1/2019 Age 88

Joe Wolverton died 5/8/2019 Age 89 - husband of Wilma Wolverton
Morris E. Auman died 1/14/2019 Age 79
David A. Dittman died 12/22/2018 Age 49
Frank P. Davis died 12/21/2018 Age 83
Leslie Wayne Pierce died 11/27/2018 Age 67
Robert W. Couch died 10/12/2018 Age 84
Joseph Kronman died 8/00/2018 Age 87
Harley S. Hochstetler died 7/30/2018 Age 83
Charles R. Etheredge died 6/19/2018 Age 88
Marilyn Kay Holliday died 6/08/2018 Age 79 - wife of Steve Holliday
Harvey Jorden Kelley died 2/04/2018 Age 74
George D. Cox died 2/27/2018 Age 85

Raymond “Ray” Harrison Shelly died 8/23/2017 Age 75
William “Bill” Leslie Burnett died 7/5/2017 Age 88
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