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Checker Poem by Quint Hodges

1 for 2 

Checker Poetry by Ted Taylor

"Mr. Know and Mr. See"  |  "The Perfect Stranger"  |  "The Great Grand Master"  |  "War Plans" | "Let's Give GOD a Hand"

"A Checker's Players Dream"  |  "Finding Wisdom"  | "Instinct" | Brain |  Famous Players  |  Checker Quotations 

Evolution of Checkers  |  War Without Bloodshed  |  Franklin |  Messenger  |  Choices  |  The Empty Chair | Who Wins?

I hope these poems bless the reader.   Please pass them on to a friend.  GOD Bless You.  Ted Taylor

Checker Poetry by Harvey Griffin

W. Harvey Griffin of Rocky Mount, NC

Conspiracy | Fast Mover  | Checkers | His Name Is Asa  | "Bad" McGu | Salute to the Champions | Santa's Visit Christmas Eve

(lot more wonderful poems to be added soon!)

Poems by Vonda Jones

Don Cowan-2011 TN clip.jpg (58191 bytes)
Poems by Don Cowan

- Other Checker Poetry -

"Checkers Poem by, William V. Scott"  | "MCA Directory Cover Poem 1"  | "MCA Directory Cover Poem 2"   "The Checker Game" by Ray H. Coble

"Let's Have A Game of Checkers" by William V. Scott  | "The Man In MY Life"  by Willie Ryan  | "More than just a game"  by John W. Johnston

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