Thursday, July 12, 1973 The News and Observer - "State Champion - Checkers Is His Game"

This article is about Elbert Lowder winning his 12th State Title and again defeating Ed Scheidt in Kannapolis, and also Elbert talks about when he started playing checkers.

The Carolina Open was usually scheduled July 4 weekend, this one played July 4th thru 6th.  Elbert was a big supporter and promoter of tournaments, he bid for the venue and pledge prize fund money.  In the early and mid 70's Elbert worked with Homer L. Calkins and ACF to combine two tournaments into The Eastern Open.  His proposal considered any town in the Eastern time zone to be eligible for such first "Eastern Open" (Carolinas & Kentucky) which he personally guaranteed $1,000 for the prize fund.  Later teaming with Clint Pickard and Les Balderson they hosted back to back Nationals in Sanford.  The 1st GAYP National in 1977, and in addition to 3 other Nationals. (NC Open Champions



August 16, 1973 The Sanford Herald  -“Sanford man ready for checkers tournament in England”

July 6, 1977 - The Greensboro Record - The Dueling's Hot And Heavy When The Weapons Are Checkers

July 7, 1973 The Charlotte Observer -“Checkers Champ Retains Crown Right Moves”

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