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Lester Allen Balderson - b: 5/9/1926 d: 7/28/2005




Lester Allen Balderson, 79, of Richmond, departed this life on Thursday, July 28, 2005, as the result of a recent accident. He was born in Harryhogan, Va., and spent most of his life in Richmond. Lester is survived by his wife of 54 years, Barbara; two daughters, Lyndele B. Bernard of Chester, Md., and Susan B. Kelly and her husband, Larry, of Cartersville; two grandsons, Kellen and Travis Bernard; four brothers, Earl, Robert, Randolph and Charles Balderson. He was a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y. and served in the Atlantic and Pacific Theatres during World War II. His sea duties included serving on Exxon tankers and as a Captain in the Menhadden Fishing Fleet. He worked for the State of Virginia for 27 years. Lester was an avid gardener. He was a passionate international checker player and was the former president of the American Checker Federation. His remains rest at the Central Chapel of Bennett Funeral Home, 3215 Cutshaw Avenue, where the family will receive friends Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m. Funeral services will be held 1 p.m. Monday, August 1, at St. John's United Church of Christ, of which he was an active member. Interment Greenwood Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the West End Volunteer Rescue Squad, 1801 Chantilly St., Richmond, Va. 23230 or the Christopher Reeve's Paralysis Foundation, 500 Morris Ave., Springfield, N.J. 07081.
Obituary - Published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch from 7/29/2005 - 7/31/2005.

Read this on BBS 7/29/05 concerning Les Balderson's Obituary

Subject: Les Balderson

Posted By Ms. Becky (checkers21@hotmail.com) On Sat 07/30/05 1527BST:
For those of you who may care to send flowers--Bennett Funeral Home, 3215 Cutshaw Ave, Richmond, Va 23230

Follow-up Comments:

Added By Leroy Adams (ladams_01@yahoo.ca) On Sun 07/31/05 0215BST:
On behalf of the Canadian Checker Association, I would like to extend our sympathies to Mr. Balderson’s  family and friends. I passed the news on to Earl Morrison this morning and he asked me add this personal message, “I always liked him. He was a very nice man and a good referee.”

I first met Mr. Balderson  in Danville, Virginia in the 1996 U.S. Nationals. At the completion of the tournament, I was tied with a number of players. He congratulated me and then told me, “When you return home to Canada, let them know that you finished fifth!” I found it very thoughtful gesture. I met him at two other U.S. National Tournaments and always found him both kind and respectful.

Leroy Adams
Canadian Checker Association

* Added By a. moiseyev (omela@juno.com) On Sun 07/31/05 0215BST:
2rb: Richard, thanks for your kind article regards Les on ACF website. It was a great lost for many of us, who knew personally and being a member of ACF. It would be also very nice, if ACF administration officially say something in October ACF Bulletin, not only your and Mr. Millhone personal messages.

In this article I would concentrate on two things - his contribution to checkers in two ways - as President of the largest checkers body in the world, and as checkers player.


checkers World Champion
A. Moiseyev

* Added By Alan Millhone (millhone@wirefire.com) On Sun 07/31/05 0215BST:
Hello Mr. Alex: I will ask Mr. Loy to include BBS postings on Les in our October ACF Bulletin and an article covering his 20 plus years of service to the ACF. I have already been contacted by a long time ACF Member we all know wanting to write this article on Les.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

* Added By Ms. Becky (checkers21@hotmail.com) On Sun 07/31/05 0215BST:
Lets don't forget 54 years of marriage to his lovely wife Barbara (raising 2 daughters together). Plus Les was an ex-Marine who served in WW2 among many other things.

* Added By Corey Modich (FishmanFreak@aol.com) On Sun 07/31/05 0215BST:
Wow... checkers lost a great player...

* Added By Alan Millhone (millhone@wirefire.com) On Sat 07/30/05 1527BST:
Hello Ms. Becky: Dr. Beckwith has posted at the ACF Web Site (main page) about the passing of Les. I last saw Les at the N.C. Tourney and we had a couple of nice chats. Most of us who play are in our element at Checker tournaments, Les was no exception. During his Checkered career he touch many lives and he will be missed by many.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

Subject: Lester A Balderson

Posted By JR Smith (jrsmith2@triad.rr.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
Dear Checker Friends, We lost a Master Checker Player and a good friend. Many of us knew him as a personal friend and other through playing checkers, and from being our past ACF President for 17 years and Secretary 4 years prior to that.

Lester A. Balderson died Thursday morning July 28, 2005.

Followup Comments:

* Added By a. moiseyev (omela@juno.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
my deep sympathy to all who knew him and family members.

His influence on ACF and everything happened in the past two decades in checkers is very big. he kept checkers in united states running smoothly for many years to come.

He used to be a very good player at master level, and in the best of his career being on top among American players.

he was one who built ACF funds and kept them alive and growing to the end of his presidency.

I hope for the most people who knew him personally, this is really sadden news and great lost.

alex moiseyev

* Added By Lindus Edwards (nospam@nospam.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
My deepest sympathy to Lester's family. Lester was a really nice gentleman and a great worker for checkers. He will be sorely missed.

* Added By Jan Mortimer (baywatch@es.co.z) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
yes many sympathies,

* Added By Eddie Moore (Gonotsky@Yahoo.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
Sorry to hear that. The Guy did a lot for Checkers over the years.

* Added By Richard Beckwith (beckwith24@msn.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
Yes, I'm sorry to hear this news. Les donated much of his time to administrative matters, and participated on the U.S. team in International Matches as recent as 2001.

* Added By Ms. Becky (checkers21@hotmail.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
Les's funeral will be on Monday at 1 pm for those of you who may want to attend.

* Added By Pedro Saavedra (psaavedr@hotmail.com) On Sat 07/30/05 0326BST:
I met Les once, thirty-some years ago. A great loss for not only his family and friends, but for the checkers world. My condolences to all his family.

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