Edward F. Scheidt  born: 1/20/1903  died: 12/9/1993 age: 90

Edward F. Scheidt was one of the original "G-Men" under FBI's J. Edgar Hoover's régime.  He started his career with the FBI as a "G-Man" a special field agent and moved up through the ranks eventually becoming the Director of the largest FBI office, which was in New York City, the second most powerful in the organization, that would be the # 2 man in the agency, only answering to Hoover.  He moved from NYC to the Raleigh area for his 2nd career as the NC Commissioner of Motor Vehicles in the early '50's.  He took up residence in Chapel Hill most of his time in North Carolina at 3209 Carol Woods, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.  It was these years when living in NC he helped many Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Winston-Salem area players with their checker game.  Ed was active in the Winston-Salem Y.M.C.A. Chess & Checker Association.   Mr. Scheidt was able to help and promote checkers because of his public position and government status.  He knew all the checker celebrities, world and local champions.  This was a decade of checker growth and popularity.  Ed was one of the most active tournament players in the US and it spanned seven decades.  Ed finished up his Commissioner's position in the early '70s and moved back to Reston, VA  pursuing another government job in Washington DC, and later to Arlington, VA where he retired.  Ed loved the game of checkers and wanted it to have the status and public awareness as chess or golf, which he spent time and energy promoting and educating the public to that effect. Ed Scheidt was a well respected booster and promoter of the game accross the US as well as a lifetime member of AFC and a NCCA memorial member.  He won many various tournaments including Southern States, Northern, Southeastern, and was the North Carolina State Champion thirteen times. Ed played a number of Southern Championship Title Matches and State Championship Title matches.  Example, on December 25, 1925 Christmas week, he played Sam Hallman vs Ed Schedit at Spartanburg, SC in a challenge for the Southern Championship, Hallman wins title by 8-3-9. Both he and Harry Anderson played in the 1st North Carolina Checker Association tournament which was organized and sanctioned in 1918.  Ed was age 15 and Harry was 18 years old. This was the 1st NCCA tournament were the players' moves were record.  They were required to turn in their recorded games for posterity.

Ed Scheidt featured on this AC front cover was a popular and well known checker player.  He started his career with the FBI
as a "G-Man" a  special field agent and moved up through the ranks eventually becoming the Director of the FBI office in New
York City, that would be the # 2 man in the agency.  He moved to Raleigh, NC as the NC Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for
his 2nd career.  Ed was always eager to help his protégés,  share his checker enthusiasm, and wrote this article.   He won the
NC State Checker Championship
13 times.

 Edward F. Scheidt the above checker player, who essentially quenched his checker playing by the mid '90s is Edward M. Scheidt's Father.  Ed Scheidt the son born in 1939 is the retired Chairman of the CIA Cryptographic Center at CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA. He was the trainer and mastermind behind James Sanborn a Washington DC sculptor who was commissioned in 1988 to create the art project and finished installing "Kryptos" on campus at Langley in 1990. This becomes the world's most famous unsolved codes; however, Part 1-3 has been solved but only after nearly 10 years of deciphering. One of them was used by the KBG, during the cold war period. Part 4 (known as K4) and possibly K5 & K6 continues unsolved, and if solved, the messages will most likely be a mystery. Mike Scheidt is the son of Edwin M. Scheidt.

Some newspaper clippings

November 29, 1974 - The Sanford Herald - “It's your move!”

July 6, 1974 - The Sanford Herald - Finals in progress - Tournament nears end

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