Checker Quotations
By Ted Taylor

“You can discern honesty and the character
of a man in a checker game.”

“It’s what you see that makes you win
and what you don’t see that makes you lose.”
(From the poem “War Plans” by Ted Taylor)

“It’s not what you think you know,
it’s what you know you see.”
(From the poem “Mr. Know & Mr. See” by Ted Taylor)

You win by your opponents mistakes,
you draw by not making any.”

“A good checker player knows when to trade.”

“Life is like a game of checkers,
you begin with the Opening, - you are born

then enter into the Mid Game, - you reach adulthood
and finally The End Game, - you grow old.”

“You can learn a great deal from people
when playing a game of checkers;
qualities such as honesty, character,
prudence and reason are displayed.”

I’ll end with a Quotation by former GAYP World
Champion Tom Wiswell. --- “Keep The Draw In Sight.”


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