Checkers Links  links and information about some current & some old links,  I recommend checking them out and seeing what's out there.

ACF American Checker Federation

Bob Newell's website...

Bob Newell - The Checker Maven  GREAT CHECKER website... always something new   |   Pask's page

Jim Loy's Checkersite - A GREAT CHECKER website... plenty of problems & games to study and learn  (currently down)

Jay Hinnershitz, OMOCH (On-Line Museaum of Checker History)  GREAT CHECKER History website...

Jake Kacher (Grandmaster Russian, & Top Master Pool Checkers - Hollywood FL & tgf on ACF Forum), website and library owner

European Checker Confederation (ECC) website  - Igor Martynov, Düsseldorf, Germany - Coordinator and Web-Designer

Wyllie Draughts - Wylliw's Draughts Site

Checker Cruncher a new website, started 4th quarter 2015 by Brooks Thomas and features: database games, problem generator, problems, forum, etc. & another good place to improve your game. Read an excellent article about Checker Cruncher by Checker Maven (scroll down to Checker Cruncher)

Eric Strange’s Website - Internet Checkers Federation (ICF) -

Eric Strange’s animated Cross-Board - Eric Strange’s animated checker games, probably the fastest way to study and remember games

Checker Animations - by Hans L’ Hoest, another great study site and keeps getting better.  (site closed since 2003, but Eric Strange resurrected this site in 2011!)

ACF Official Ratings (Eric Strange’s Ratings)

Frisian Draughts  - Bigboard 10x10

Al Lyman's Checkerworld site - Great information and study site (probably the first checker website)

English Draughts Association (EDA)  they have Fortman’s “BC” Basic Checkers in e-book on this site, also EDA Journal which is published quarterly. Please send membership fees to Mrs. J Caws, 54 Mayfield Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight. $20 USA subscribers. The English Draughts Association published “Basic Checkers” by Richard Fortman. This book is a great tool for studying 3-move openings (only 144, the last 12 openings wasn't approved when Fortman published BC).  BC is often used as standard published play. David Harwood did an excellent job to make this information available for free; however, EDA site closed in 2009 and its now released to Angelfire in 2012.  Later the site was resurrected showing Brain Poole as Pres, the Caws and John Reade as officers with Dennis Pawlek from Pfullingen, Germany served as journal editor.   Dennis now lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oklahoma Checker Association - Vic Habgood

Clint Holmes' handcraft & checker items  Clint Holmes' handcraft and checker items

Checkers Chest  by Steven Rapelje of Kalispell, MT   Another great information & history site with lots of enjoyable reading.

CheckerBoard   Martin Fritz checker playing program - a checkerboard platform and cake engine which it will accommodate other engines such as Kingrow

KingRow   Ed Gilbert - programmer of KingRow and the 10-piece (WLD) & (MTC) dbs

WCC   Gil Dodgen's checker playing program - offered in two programs Gold + and Platinum 3.

John's Checkers Material    (good site closed, but here are a few things copied off site when it was available - site closed)

Arthur H Olsen website

Lees' Guide - ebook free:

New for 2004 - Lees' Guide all 2,000+ games   (used checkerboard program to view pdn files - copied off Jim Loy's site)

Kear's Encyclopedia Online   (used checkerboard program to view pdn files)

Checkers Animated by Hans L'Hoest. This is a great study site with all the games and positions illustrated with checker animations. (site closed, available thru Eric Strange's ICF)

Bob Podoff

Joe Kelnhofer has an inventory of artistic checkers prints, posters, checker images, and photos:  contact Joe at 262-717-0740 or email another link Joe posted is - checker art prints

Other Publications and Useful Contacts in Draughts & Checkers:

ACF Bulletin Issued bimonthly. $40 per annum. Editor: Jim Loy, 1104 South Montana H7, Bozeman, MT 57915, USA. Email: 

IDA Newsletter (Irish Draughts Association) Issued quarterly. 20 euroes per annum. Editor: Sean Phillips, Cullinagh, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Republic of Ireland. Email: 

EDA Newsletter (English Draughts Association) Issued bimonthly. £15 or $20 per annum. Journal Editor Dennis Pawlek, Jahnstrasse 43, 72793 Pfullingen, Germany. Email: Assistant Journal Editor: John Reade, 123 Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1JQ. Email:

LDA Newsletter (Lancashire Draughts Association) Issued bimonthly. £15 or $25 per annum. Editor: John Reade, 123 Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1JQ. Email:

MCA Newsletter (Missouri Checker Association) Issued monthly. $10 per annum. Editor: Darlene Stallsworth, 3305 Mueller Lane, St. Joseph, MO 64506, USA. Email:

NWDF Newsletter Issued quarterly. £15 per annum. Editor: Hugh Devlin, Moneyhaughly, Manorcunningham, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland. Email:

SDA Newsletter (Scottish Draughts Association) Issued bimonthly, £10 per annum. Editor: Danny Oliphant, 16 Columbus Place, Great Sankey, Warrington WA5 8DY. Email:

ACF Website

CFD Website

DDF Website 

EDA Website

European Checker Confederation (ECC) Website

IDA Website

IGDD Website

LDA Website

SDA Website

WCDF Website 

WMDA Website 

Checker Maven

Online Museum of Checkers History

Irish Draughts Association (IDA) formed in 1975 contact: Sean Phillips 

Irish    |   (NorthWest Draughts Federation-Shane McCosker)

Checkers and Czech Checkers - WCDF Rating

Northern Ireland Draughts

Danish Draughts Federation

New Zealand Draughts Association (NZDA)

TE ARA: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Scottish Draughts Association

German Draughts Association

Ulstercheckers (consisting of: North West Draughts Federation, Northern Draughts Federation, & Northern Standard Draughts Association)

NorthWest Draughts Federation (NWDF - “Ireland”) formed 1998 contact: Hugh Devlin 

World Checker Daughts Federation - The WCDF is the international body that promotes and organizes checkers/draughts as played under "English" rules.

Link to WCDF pdn games:  

Matthew Kooshad Website - Draughts.Info - Great Site

Lancashire Draughts Association John Reade of England - Lancashire Draughts 
Association Newsletter... LDA Newsletters are published bimonthly. Order from the editor: John Reade, or by ordinary mail at 123, Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester M241JQ. US subscribers pay $15.00 annually.

British International Draughts Association
For information on joining the or subscribing to their bimonthly publication, The New British Draughts Journal, contact: British Draughts Federation, 384a Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2QP United Kingdom or contact Mr. George Miller:  Their website is down and the last time I looked at it and it hasn’t been up dated since 1997.

Where to buy Checker Books:
Evelyn  Micallef  (send some money for postage)  Goodwin Book List

email Don Deweber who may have books for sale.  Don once owned one of the largest private Checker Libraries from acquiring the John Caldwell and Irving Windy Libraries and combining them, plus his own collection over 60 years.  In 2010 he gave away, sold, and bequeathed most of his book to Loras College, a Catholic Liberal Arts College in Dubuque, IA and the larger balance of his collection went to Cleveland Public Library in Cleveland, OH.  He continues to collect checker trivia and memorabilia World of Checkers Museum, he also remains trustee of the Keystone Checkers Trust Fund, under the care and ownership of his The John Caldwell-Irving Windt Library of Checkers Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, with an IRS "determination letter."

Jake Kacher (Top Master Pool Checkers, Burbanks CA & tgf  on ACF Forum), website and library owner -

Library of Congress - Checkers

Internet Archive Library - Many checker books available.

Open Library - Many checker books available.

Hathi Trust Digital Library - The following books can be read in full at the Hathi Trust Digital Library. (currently over 30 books)
1.  Denvir and Bradt's 2nd Double Corner
2.  Lallement - Les quatre jeux de dames
3.  Smith - Checker Classics
4.  Anderson - 2nd Edition
5.  Spayth - ADP
6.  Sweet - The Elements of Draughts
7.  Call - Ellsworth Checker Book
8.  Call - R D Yates Checker Player
9.  3rd American Ty Book - Chicago
10. Bohn's Handbook
11. Durgin's Single Corner
12. Dunne's Praxis
13. Ryan's Tricks, traps and Shots of the Checkerboard
14. The British draughts-player
15. R.D. Yates, checker player
16. "Inside" Checkers by Walton W. Walker.

Project Gutenberg EBook - EBook of Chess and Checkers

“The Way to Mastership” by Edward Lasker 

“R.D. Yates Checker Player" by William Timothy Call 

Bits Draughts

Online Gaming Websites:
GoldToken - The Official Gaming Site of the ACF
MSN Gaming Zone
Vinco Online Games
Yahoo! Games

Good Checker Game room site:
MSN Game Zone
Game Colony
Its Your Turn
International Suicide Checkers Association (ISCA) ( membership) 

les de Jeux Dames

VOG (Vinco Online Games)
Yahoo Games - Checkers 


Case Ladder


e-mail checkers

Extreme, Excite, The Game Channel, Wahoo, TVML, etc. are some others and all have good checkers gameroom sites, ZDNet-Net Checkers works with Virtual Places for Windows 3.x-95 (but just much trouble to run on later window versions ).

FMJD Federation Mondiale Du Jeu De Dames (World draughts federation)
The French World Federation is the international sport body uniting national draughts federations. FMJD is member of GAISF and strive to the Olympic recognition. Our strength is in the unity of draughts.

The World Championship Draughts - Amsterdam 2005
   (October 6th -23rd)

Howard Gain, 221 Lannie Rowe Dr, Panama City, FL 32404 He is an older checker player, most good Major Players are old. He also sells a nice 3-Move Deck, but they are only the 137 Deck. He has a good checker website 
His New Website

Kenn Thompson Wynne, Arkansas Homesite (24 Problems & Solutions) and his newer site  (156 Problems & Solutions) Get an email daily checker problem and tell Kenn you want to subscribe to "Draughts Problem of the Day" Checker Links List that is part of this list he asked to publish on his website and is also HERE 

North Carolina Checker Association
Just in case you're lost at this point!

THE CHINOOK COMPUTER WEBSITE: Chinook by Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.  Also good site to read about AI and checker programming, his book “One Jump Ahead” There’s a lot of championship games posted and other checker information. You can also play checker on the Chinook, download the 6 piece endgame database with index code (8 piece). Several commercial computer checker program use his database. WCC, Sage 6000, Nexus 1999, Colossus, Wyllie 2.0, and of course Chinook.

King's Room in MSN (Microsoft Net) Gaming Zone - This site is the unofficial MSN GameZone “Gaming Zone Newsletter” - Well at least the unofficial MSN Checkers King's Room newsletter Home website: They call it "Zone of Kings" or new url, Travis Weddle "Mr_Presley_" webmaster and Bavali Hill "Trickyblackcat" editor.  In it's day, it was one of the first and most popular checker playing game rooms, MSN (Microsoft Net) Gaming Zone, referred to by checker players as "Zone" started in 1995 and Microsoft retired MSN Games in June 19th, 2006 when they introduced "MSN Messenger" and discontinued a lot of other classic board games including checkers.  Later checker player move on to Kurnik and Play OK.

Checkers and Draught News Group: This is a checker news group by Google, good discussion about checkers in general. It has been around about 4 years and it seems that the European Draught Players use it more than we American Checker Players, that should be reversed. Maybe the word isn’t out or the name is the reason? 

Mike Grimminks site on English and 10x10 draughts, "Dragon Draughts" good technical programming information, resources, and links about PDN, AI, databases, file formats, IRC interface, AI of tactical positions, test tactical positions, etc. checker programming techniques and C source code of checker program, etc.

John Post his VOG Grandmaster site

John Acker site:  A 20 years old from Ohio, later an English Professor - site now closed.

boycott’s Yellow Pages - Enos (boycott) Flores is a frequent and good checker player on MSN GameZone Checkers - Kings - Good Website 

Move Over by Derek E. Oldbury 
This site is about all types and styles of checkers world-wide: If you like Move Over I have this illustrated much better in an adobe format with actual checkerboard so you don‘t have to relate to the old typewriter layout.

International Draught, English Checkers and so forth, over 150 checker programs discussed and various draught/checker links: These websites are some of the better checker programs:

Books, Publications, and Checkerboards: 

Bibliofind site, most prices seem high but they are probably originals & good condition books.  I have visited this site and seen their books but now this link seems to re-direct you back to or same books. has checker books Check out “Rare & Used Books” and look for the deals in Z-Shop recommended by Joe McClellan but I haven’t found anything there

e-Bay I’ve seen checker book, boards, checker set, collectibles, memorabilia, you name it... its there. You got to spend the time, but you can find a deal. <>

Barnes & Noble

Times Booksellers

Triplejump also has checker books and will help you find a book or sell some of your extra checker books. I like this site because it is a good champion checker source link and general store house of checker knowledge.

Dover Publications has a few checker books and a ton of chess books 

Yahoo Auctions I have not seen much here but its just like yard sales, you never know! 
Dr Robert L. Shuffett, Box E, Greensburg, KY 42743 has Checkers The Tinsley Way and World Class Checkers for $20 each and possibly both for $30. Robert was the financier of these publications and several other checker ventures.

Earl Hengen, 1141 Windsor Street, Reading, PA. 19604 has National Mail Play Directory 1990-1999 ID Games for $5 each This is the latest on moves and cooks on Mail-Play Barred Opening that will soon be added to the deck, but remember it also has errors too! Best $5 you can spend for the advanced checker player.

- 3Move Deck, Regulation Checkerboard and pieces are available from ACF Store Rodger Blaine is our ACF checker supply official. 

Crisloid  Lots of checker players use backgammon checkers for checker pieces. Crisloid Products Inc., 55 Porter Street, Providence, RI 02905 or Crisloid Products Inc., P.O. Box 2205, Providence, RI 02905-0205.   401-461-7200  or  800-343-3449  Fax:  401-785-3750  Roger Blaine orders the 1 1/4" x 3/8" or  32mm x 10mm either in solid Red & White or swirl "marbleized" (30 pieces to the set) for our Regular Standard ACF Checkers, and the Pool Checkers are 1 1/2" x 7/16" or  38mm x 11mm.  All Crisloid backgammon or "checker pieces" are made from a high quality mixture of polyester thermoplastics.

Howard Gain, 221 Lannie Rowe Dr, Panama City, FL 32404  He has recorded a lot of tournaments on CD's and they are for sale.

Checker Fonts & board graphics
Arthur Olsen site: 

Alpine Fonts Edingburg Fonts 


World of Checkers Museum... Don Deweber, 3520 Hillcrest, Apt. 4, Dubuque, IA 52002 “Mr. Checkers” at 563-556-1944  would be a neat place to visit and talk checker trivia and discuss checker memorabilia. You should call for an appointment.

 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. See one of the oldest known English publications about checkers in the North Carolina Collection Gallery, Wilson Library. You will need to arrange an appointment to view it. "An Introduction to the game of Draughts" by William Payne published in 1756 London, England. 

All the below have this book: Cleveland Public Library,  Providence R. I. Public Library;  Library Company of Philadelphia, Yale has two copies, the Library of Congress has one or more copies, Northwestern Uni., Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Princeton, Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas, Brooklyn Public Library, Cornell, New York Public Library, Uni. of Rochester, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Toronto Public Library, Harvard, Cambridge Univ. in England, the Koninklije Bibliotheek and Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek in the Netherlands .

The Hanes Checkers (or Draughts) Collection came to the Providence R. I. Public Library by bequest in 1923. Mr. Edward B. Hanes of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, formed one of the largest collections of books on checkers ever assembled. There are some 560 volumes in the collection, the earliest of which is dated 1572. The collection contains books on checkers in many languages, a number of scarce periodicals and several scrapbooks of newspaper clippings of checkers games.

Monthly Publications:
MCA Missouri Checker Association they sponsor tournaments and mailplay ty, also publish a monthly checker bulletin. Membership is $10 year. Send Dues to: Wilma Wolverton, 8505 S. Karr, Grain Valley, MO 64029

ACF American Checker Federation sponsors National GAYP and 3-Move Tournaments and their associate Districts and States sponsor Local, District, State, and Mail-Play Tys. $25 yearly membership ACF publishes a bi-monthly checker bulletin. Annual Dues: ACF Treasurer, Anthony Bishop, 5304 Barton Vale Court, Nashville, TN 37211

-British Draughts Federation: For information on joining the or subscribing to their bimonthly publication, The New British Draughts Journal, contact: British Draughts Federation, 384a Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2QP United Kingdom or contact Mr. George Miller.  Their website is down and the last time I looked at it and it hasn’t been up dated since 1997.

John Reade of England - Lancashire Draughts Association Newsletter... 123 Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester M24 1JQ England This is a bimonthly Draughts Newsletter for $10 year. Special offer for 1st time members subscription 
12 issues for one fee. 2 years membership.  Lancashire Draughts Association 

Victor Niederhoffer - A brilliant financial + investment advisor... but dropped the ball several years back and lost it all, now on his way back up. He’s a smart fellow and has a love for chess and checkers... That alone should get a thumbs up from the Checkers Community. Here is his site and some of his interesting titles: Wiswell Proverbs & Words of Wisdom applied to life, finance, and investments.

Got a checker question? email me: A Checker Friend!

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