2013 Missouri State 3-Move Open
Saturday & Sunday - April 20th & 21st, 2013 at Rest Haven Convalescent & Retirement Home, 1800 S. Ingram, Sedalia, MO 65301

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Congratulations, Bryce!
1st Place Winner

Congratulations, Bill!
2nd Place & Co-Champions

Congratulations, David!
2nd Place & Co-Champions

2013 - Missouri State Open
Single Division By Round, 2Gm
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Finish  Name  City, State







Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 H Pt.



1 Bryce Morville Dalton City, IL 101xxx 12662 1849 1883 3 4T4 6T6 2T8 7T11 5T15 1T19 2T21 $125.00  2013 Missouri State Winner ($ + trophy) 
2 Bill Wethington High Ridge, MO 101047 10132 1905 1922 6 5T4 3T6 7T7 2T10 1T14 4T17 7T20 100 $87.50  2013 MO State Co-Champions  (David Dittman & Bill Wethington tied for 2nd Place)
2 David Dittman Salem, MO 101405 12580 1643 1767 7 1T4 2T7 6T10 3T11 9T15 5T19 6T20 100 $87.50  2013 MO State Co-Champions  (David Dittman & Bill Wethington tied for 2nd Place)
4 Wayne Miller Windsor, MO 101222 10225 1746 1776 2 9T4 7T5 3T7 6T8 4T11 byeT14 3T16 $60.00  
5 Keith Wait Kirksville, MO 101307 10525 1686 1674 5 6T0 byeT3 1T6 4T10 3T10 7T10 4T13 $50.00
6 George Stallsworth Saint Joseph, MO 101221 10226 1701 1645 1 7T0 8T4 5T5 9T7 6T7 3T7 byeT10 $40.00  
7 Wilma Wolverton Grain Valley, MO 101091 10114 1604 1565 4 3T0 9T2 8T6 5T6 2T7 6T8 5T9 $30.00  2013 Missouri State Ladies Champion
8 Chris Weiland Sedalia, MO 101216 10231 1550 1535 9 2T0 4T2 byeT5 1T7 7T7 wd wd $25.00  withdrew after 5th Round
9 Richard Brownfield Sedalia, MO 101423 12637 1528 1487 8 byeT3 1T3 4T3 wd wd wd wd $20.00  withdrew after 3rd Round
  $525.00  Total Prize Fund
Submitted by Darlene Stallsworth via email Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 3:57PM  |  ACF Ratings are before tournament and after ratings were re-calculated by ACF processor, Joe Moore at
icheckers ratings. |  First MO State Co-Champions in 1956 | MCA established in 1925 |  If you apply Neil Wenberg's version of Sonneborn - Berger system of tie breaker to this Round-Robin Tournament you get Wethington over Dittman

George Stallsworth's results letter:


        The Missouri State Tournament was held April 20 and 21, 2013 at the Rest Haven Convalescent & Retirement Home in Sedalia, Missouri.  We were welcomed to the tournament by WAYNE MILLER, tournament sponsor, and LYNNE ROCKETT, Social Services Director of the nursing home.  While we were waiting for the tournament to begin, Wilma Wolverton played an impromptu solo on the piano -- “The Star Spangled Banner“.  What a great way to begin the day!   We only had nine players attending the tournament.  All were from Missouri except the winner of the tournament, BRYCE MORVILLE from Illinois.  Congratulations, Bryce, on another great win for this year!  Congratulation to our co-champions, DAVID DITTMAN and BILL WETHINGTON (his 8th state title)! The final exciting round left both players with 20 points and they were declared co-champions for 2013. IT IS INTERESTING TO NOTE THAT BOTH PLAYERS ALSO HAD 100 HONOR POINTS. Congratulations to our co-champions!  We want to thank everyone for their donations.  We were very sorry George Cook was unable to attend because of his father’s health.  It’s always so good to see the wives who accompany their husbands and give them their moral support (Mary Morville, Candy Wait, and Darlene Stallsworth).                                George


Finish Position                 


 H Pts.

Prize Fund


1.  Bryce Morville

21    $125.00  

2.  David Dittman  

20 100 87.50

 Bill Wethington & David Dittman, 2013 Missouri State Co-Champions

2.  Bill Wethington 

20 100 87.50  

4.  Wayne Miller 




5.  Keith Wait 




6.  George Stallsworth




7.  Wilma Wolverton 




8.  Chris Weiland




9.  Richard Brownfield








2013 Missouri Checker Association Business Meeting: A new officers was elected as David Dittman, Vice-President; (George Stallsworth - President, Wilma Wolverton - Secretary/Treasurer, and Darlene Stallsworth - Newsletter Editor, all retained their offices for 2013).  Board of Directors:  Robert Couch, George Cook, David Dittman, Keith Wait, and Wilma Wolverton.


 From the minute we entered the nursing home, we were greeted by Lynne Rockett with a smile.  She went beyond anything we expected to see that we were comfortable and the playing room was quiet.  Coffee and doughnuts were waiting for us on Saturday morning.  For lunch, she provided homemade chili, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, coffee and pop and apple pie.  Sunday morning we arrived to find “hot from the oven” cookies including macadamia cookies (my favorite), doughnuts and coffee.   Lynne, we can’t thank you enough for all your help in making this tournament so great.  Thanks again, Lynne, all of us at the tournament really appreciated it   

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Tournament Winner, Co-Champions, and Group Photograph

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