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74 Carolina Open - Wayne Milhado vs R.T. Jones at Sanford Moose Lodge
(Rev. Robert Toombs Jones, a Master Player from Cleveland, GA in 1974, later Atlanta, GA)

1960 Lakeside, Ohio  (view close-up) 

There were three tourneys held each year that attract the better players - the Florida Open was usually held the week after Easter.  The Southern Open was held in a southern state in late July and the Lakeside Open was usually held the first week in August at Lakeside, 0hio. Lakeside vanished when Claude Hile died and Northern States came about after the demise of Lakeside, because when Claude died Lakeside Northern Opens took a dreadful financial hit since they lost both, one of their main organizers and the funds. Nobody knew anything about the funds or his business pertaining to it. 1983 was the last Lakeside Tourney and 1985 the 1st Northern which were usually scheduled in mid July and held at Lakeside until 1973?  The last Cedar Point, OH Tournament was in 1951 which Marion Tinsley won. (see Lakeside in abbreviation & information)

published in 1978 and "Three Signatures"

- NC State Tournament Booklet -

Autographed NC State Tournament Booklet played at the Sanford Moose Lodge on July 4-5-6, 1975
features the '75 Elbert Lowder vs Ed Scheidt Title Match  (Front - 1of 8 pages)

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(All 12 Match Games Played between Lowder vs Scheidt at the Sanford
Armory in Sanford, NC on April 24th, 1975 are featured in this book,
the 5Rd Gm1 draw game is missing)   Lowder vs Scheidt 12 Match pdn file

(6 of 8 pages)     Featuring two Lee County Checker Playing Competitors


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On February 19-21, 1955 at the California State Championship Tournament, Kenneth Grover at Santa Barbara was the first to use the Swiss System of scoring.

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