Abbreviations & Definitions used by the ACF & Checker Books

Abbreviations used in ACF Bulletins and Checker Book & newsletters: (used by editors Lyman, Fortman, & Loy, etc.)

A.B.C. or ABC - “America's Best Checkers, An Encyclopedia of Modern Master Play” a match book no longer in print by Tom Wiswell & Robert L. Shuffett "A Classic" published in 1957.

AC - The American Checkerist - William F. "Willie" Ryan’s American Checkerist 6 vol. collected and bound in hardback. The American Checkerist Magazine - The Checker Player’s Monthly Journal.  It was published for 12 years, which was a continuation of Manson Teetzel’s "ACM," the American Checker Monthly Magazine that ran for 18 years prior to his death. Ryan and Fisk wanted to keep the same name but couldn’t get together with the heirs so they renamed it, 6 Volumes - January 1939 thru June 1950.  The magazine of Champions - Maybe the best checker magazine of all time.  It had 9 issues per year (monthly Oct - Mar & bimonthly April thur Sept). You can find these bound in 6 hardback volumes. 

A.C.A or ACA American Checker Association, which joined together with the National Checker Association, this merger form the present American Checker Federation.

A.C.A. N.T. One of the tourneys sponsored by the ACA.  Since 1947 all national tourneys in the U.S. have been ACF tourneys.

A.C.F. or ACF - The American Checker Federation today is the only national checker organization in the U.S.  ACA (formed in 1906) and NCA merged on Sept 1st, 1947 using the NCA as a temporary name with 665 membership. The following year the new name of the American Checker Federation was chosen by full vote on May 1st 1948.  Today it is the governing body of straight
English checkers in the USA.  

ACF 100 Club, 200 Club, 300 Club - (increased in amount over the years), but does allow the member an installment plan. ACF "300 Club" Life-Time Memberships boosted ACF membership and raised money. The incentive to persuaded member to contribute a $300 lump sum to a special gift fund, allows the member to be exempt of the yearly membership dues.  They would also get a copy of the Top 50 select games of the yearly National Ty and play these tournaments without an entry fee.  The gift fund was set up so the interest could be use to support checkers.  This enticement was mentioned at State Ty, especially Virginia.  Les Balderson was a big promoter of Life-Time Memberships.  There was 23 Life-Time ACF Members in NC alone; however, 11 have died leaving their gift money which leaves this fund intact to support checkers.  In 2009 the amount was increased to $500 which would make it the ACF "500 Club" and a great way to support checkers and enjoy a discount on your annual ACF membership dues assuming you plan to play checkers over your life time.

ACF GAYP Club - is similar to above, and the incentive to persuade Life-Time Membership to give a $100 lump sum contribution to a special gift fund would allow the member to receive a copy of the Top 50 select Master Go-As-You-Please National Ty games and play on the odd year of our National Tournaments and provided GAYP National Ty exemption of entry fee.

ACF Founding Fathers: 1st president, Rudy Munzinger immediately set up a committee, chaired by Maurice Chamblee, to carve out a new constitution (drawing on policies of the USCF and the US Table Tennis Association, besides the more obvious sources!), and a second committee, chaired by John Dale Heath in consultation with the leading players of the day, to revise it. The proposed constitution and by-laws weren't adopted until a third committee, chaired by George Kinser, produced yet more revisions in March, 1950.  Les Balderson of Richmond, VA served as President of ACF for 17 continuous years from 1986 - 2003, which President Homer Caulkins of Los Angeles, William Burke Grandjean - Secretary, and Treasurer, Howard Owen were the prior officers.  He also served 4 years prior to that as Vice-President of ACF relieving Ed Scheidt.  Alan Millhone of Belpre, OH won the 2003 election for ACF President, and continues to do an outstanding job. E.F. Greene was President from 1915 to 1924 he died 9/22/1931.

A.C.F.B. or ACFB - American Checker Federation Bulletin. Bimonthly organ of the ACF, and sent to all members. The price has increased over the years and Membership is now $40. The price increased in $5 increments over the past 70 years, and finally we increased again from $25 to $40 in 2012.  We now encourage members to subscribe to the e-bulletin so ACF can save print & mailing cost and use the difference as savings to promote youth checkers.

ACR - American Checker Review early 1800's publications out of print and later re-published in leather cover books Vols. I-VI with gold gilded lettering and gold gilded edges of pages. 

Am. Ty. aka A.T. aka AT - American Tourney, any of the numerous Nationals Tournaments, National Tourneys sponsored by one of the National groups.

Al "Al Lyman" Alfred P. Lyman, Sr. - past editor of ACFB, our current editor is Jim Loy of Bozeman, MT. 

APCA - The American Pool Checker Association | Clarence Gooche, President-American Pool Checker Association, 272 Foster Road, Henderson, North Carolina  27537 | Cell:  (919) 608-0862 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:

Aurora Borealis Draughts Program - Now possibly the best or seems to be the database of choice. Introduced in 1999 and improved over the years, it allows you to easily analyze and comment your games, add variations, organize databases and export for printing or internet. You can diagram problems/games and animate moves in the diagram with root and variations in html for web-site.  “Aurora Borealis Draughts professional” you can work with 14 draughts variations (English, Italian, Russian, Brasilian, Czech, Pool, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, International, Killer, Frisian, Spantsireti and Canadian), play with advanced computer partner, analyze, easily comment games and create your own games databases!  The American Pool Checker Association (APCA) adopted this program as their professional choice - “Aurora Borealis 4” and a lot play “Aurora Borealis 3.8,” and “Aurora Borealis Draughts Lite.”  They use “Aurora Draughts” for their mobile devices, they purchase and installed off Goolge Play for $2.99 or “Mobile Version 4”, “Aurora Tournament Clock” off Google Play.  Website:  Available in Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

BC -  Basic Checkers a series of 7 parts or booklets for each 1st red opening move by Richard "Dick" Fortman  published in 1977-83 (all 144 3-moves).  It is considered "The Checker Bible" superseding Lee's Guide.  A classic covering all 144 of the 3-move restrictive deck with play and annotation, one of the few fully annotated checker books.  “Fortman’s 1st 20 moves on all openings... the basic checker foundation book” which Marion Tinsley said, "Checker players might forget some of the many championship titles "Dick" Fortman won, but they'll never forget Fortman's "BC," a great contribution to checkers!" The annotation and commits about the moves are excellent, something you don't often find in checker books, and this makes it paramount for someone trying to learn checkers.  Later Richard Past authored Solid Checkers, Key Openings, The Golden Dozen, and Complete Checkers which covers these same openings with corrections on some of BC lines and includes all 156 openings.  Jim Loy has also published corrections to BC.  Fortman published other checker books but BC was by far his best work.

BCP  - Badger Checker Player was a monthly checker newsletter started in September, 1946 by editor J.J. Lalor of Wisconsin Rapids, these later collected and bound in 19 volumes. 

B.D.J. or BDJ - never associated with the EDA -a private venture Editor W. G. Parker Volume 1 March-April 1952. This publication is commonly found as a 3 books set 1952-53, 1954-55, and 1956-58 (total 756 pages) but sold by EDA causing some to think it was the EDA former printed magazine of the British Draughts Assn. Today the group is known as the English Draughts. Assn. (EDA) and their printed organ is the English Draughts Journel. We spell it journal

BDA  - Barbados Draughts Association (BDA). 

BLC - Big League Checkers by Ryan

Borghetti - GM Michele Borghetti current 3-Move World Champion, Michele Borghetti in 2013, and also GAYP World Champion 2016 GAYP WCM Michele Borghetti vs Sergio Scarpetta. In 2015, the 3-Move World Champion (defeated GM Moiseyev 2013) GM Michele Borghetti won the GAYP Qualification Tournament in Knighton, Wales to become the official GAYP Challenger. Michele will try to become the World Champion in both GAYP and 3-Move, a feat only reached twice so far by GM Alex Moiseyev and GM Ron King. Actually GM Moiseyev (see Moiseyve) held all 3 titles. One month prior to this match, GM Sergio Scarpetta in turn won the 2016 World Qualifier in 3-Move to qualify for a 3-Move World Championship match against Borghetti in 2017.

BTM - means black to move, BTM&D or BTM&W means black to move and draw. The same if Red and White are used.  You see this in checker problems so you know who's turn to move.   

B.W. or BW  - Black Win 

Cake - a checker playing program engine used in the checkerboard interface, both the interface checkerboard program and the checker playing engine Cake are creations of Martin Fierz.  He also authored a smaller size, stripped down version of the cake/checkerboard program, Checkers Tutor 2.1 in January 2011 that runs as 253KB on the Android 1.6 and up platform.  Martin uses the popular Android Operating System that runs on any tablet, notebook, or any Android device example: Nexus 7 a mini tablet computer, Samsung tablet, or smart phone.  Checkers Tutor 2.1 was introduced on the Amazon Kindle. If you are not familiar with Kindle, it is a series of e-book readers designed and marketed by Amazon Kindle devices enable users to shop, download, browse, play games, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking.  Of course, the newer models “kindle fire” let you do much more, like music, songs, watching movies, take pictures, etc.  Checkers Tutor 2.1 is the best $1 you can spend to improve your checker skills to force move so as to kept opponent from a tactical or strategy theme position.  Vice-versa it guides and funnels itself into tactical, strategic positions, and winning endgame.  This is probably the fastest way to becoming a very strong Major level if you have a quick young mind and remember how and why it moved the way it did.  Use Google Play to find the Checkers Tutor 2.1 download.  If you just want to play checkers on a hand held device, I would suggest buying the simplest Kindle on Amazon for $70 and get the ac power wall plug for another $20. Most recent cars, PC's, and laptops have a USB port you can charge a tablet with the cord that comes with the unit. You can find these used on the internet for less as well as Nexus, Samsung, and smart phones. If you use AndroLib for the download, this application seems to be removed from the AndroLib (Android Market) 6/1/2014. Google Play Store - Google Play has many checker / draughts applications available and Checkers Tutor is one of them. Another simple way is just google "Checker Tutor 2.11" then click link. Google bought Android and gave the technology to all the smart phone manufactures; this is why you find android used by so many brands, except Apple/ iPhone or iPad which use iOS and Microsoft using Windows 10. I remind you this small version (253KB) is nothing like the 665KB Checkerboard-Cake/Kingrow program w/8 piece db, or add another 261GB for the full 10 piece endgame db you have on your PC or laptop. Although Checkers Tutor is the strongest and most sophisticated checker program available for a small hand held devices (tablets & smart phones), it lacks Master level performance because of the processor speed & smaller RAM available in tablets & smart phones and this "slim" checker program can't deliver deep searches, nor does it have the valuable open book and endgame databases. This means on engine searches, it is only able to get to an average ply of 17/28 depth. You need 25 to find the best or strongest moves and then there are games in 3-Move and 11-Man games where there is something over this 25 depth horizon that cause problems.

1. Reviews say you can't turn sound off (the knocking sound when a pieces move); however, you can increase or decrease sound or cut it off with the volume button on your device with settings, and later updated version Checker Tutor 2.11 fixed this.
2. Can't store games or access a games folder, of course it can't its a slim version of Cake/Checkerboard. (It will however keep your current game when you reopen, if you pause, shut down, or power off, if you don't requesting a new game).
3. Can't edit board to set up a position, problem, (remove pieces) or Search for it in a data base of games, or send it by email,
of course it can't its a slim version of Cake/Checkerboard.
4. You can however get a position by playing both sides, then ask computer to move to see its move or evaluation.
Checkers Tutor has no opening book, only its search engine, playing at 5s/move depth 13/23 or 15s/move at depth 14/25 but needs highest setting to play near Master level checkers at 60s/move needed for more complex positions requiring depth 17/28 to get best move & evaluation, however it plays a decent game at 5s/move. These performances are running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab3, Model: SM-T210R Operating system: android 4.4, 1.7 GHz dual core processor, Memory: 1.5GB (ROM) 8GB (RAM). I also ran Checkers Tutor on Google's Asus Nexus 7 Model: ME370T, Android 4.4, 1GB (ROM) 16GB (NAND), 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core chip. Both have a nice 5 3/8" size checkerboards and graphics, although a little slower, like 1 ply less depth, but just that, drops it performance. It's fun to play but it’s not Master level checkers which needs 25 ply depth searches which an average Lap or PC performs at 15s/move setting because of their faster processor, larger hash-table, and the full checker program w/ob db, endgame 8 or 10 piece db, & engine. Example: Cake or Kingrow at 1s/move will beat Tutorial at 5s/move in most games because it doesn't have an open book or endgame database, only a slow search engine, but still the best 99¢ you can spend at the Google App. Store (now free download). It definitely beats: Radica Checkers, RadioShake Tandy
2-in-1 e-Chess & Checkers also distributed by Excalibur Electronics and later their own Excalibur 911E-3 King Master III Electronic Chess & Checkers Game, as well as Fidelity Electronics Checker Challenger (view Fidelity Electronics).  It also easily beats Apple's download Checkers and Pro Checkers for iPhone.  Another nice free draughts/checker app with amazing graphics is Checkers - “English Checkers” - “American Checkers” version 3.9.8, developer: Alex F, plays: 10 variations, 8 levels but at Grand Master it's not the strength of Checkers Tutor. Also, the same for Aurora Draughts by Alexander Svirin which was released Jul 1, 2017 version 4.1 as 89.11MB and plays 14 variations with multiple skill levels for $2.99 and not as strong as Checkers Tutor. (more below)
6. Only shows evaluation for move and position as positive & negative (good or bad) by asking computer to move (play itself). This too can be misleading by sometimes showing a 20-30 evaluation but when it is only a draw? Latest version sometimes shows “better or much better” when it's really a draw.
7. You only have a: backward, forward, move (force computer to move), and rotate
 (flips the board) as function buttons, if you continue to hold down backward key it goes back to start and forward key will go to end of game. I don't know what the checker button is which changes from red if pressed to white, then RK, to WK.  it's not whose turn to play since that icon is at the left top of the board with time per move displayed.
8. The backward & forward key allows you to undo & redo moves.  A long pause (hold down) on the button backs or forwards returns you to the end.
9. You move your checker or your opponent's checker by touching the screen,  (touch the piece and then touch where you want it to go).  It's intuitive, so when there is only one way to move or jump, it will move when you touch that checker or square.
10. Set on 15 seconds/move, you can expect an approximate depth 14/25 and 60s/move, expect average depth 16/27.  16 means depth of 16 ply and some lines searched to a maximum depth of 27 plies.
11. I noticed when playing Checkers Tutor in landscape mode the function bar below the checkerboard is hidden and the 3 vertical dots “menu” on the bottom navigation bar is not functional, so you only play in portrait mode on some tablets or phones and of course, use a tablet case that swivels vertically.
12. I recommend for the serious Tournament Player;  you should get the faster processor with RAM & HD larger enough to run the full Checkerboard program w/ob&eg db (Checkerboard Notes & KingRow's 10-piece database installation notes).  I'm currently testing faster tablets, notebooks, 2 in 1's, and laptop mini computers. Martin Fierz must have updated Checkers Tutor 2.11, but notes say... November 15, 2014.  I downloaded it on a NuVision w/Android 5.0. Lollipop operating system, Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8550 1.8GHz.quad core processor, 8MB RAM, 9GB storage 2/9/17. This cost me $45 at Office Depot. This is just to play checkers for about 5-8 hrs and recharge on this 8 "x 5" tablet.  Set on 15 seconds/move I think it plays close to same setting on a 5 seconds pc or laptop running the 665KB Checkerboard-Cake/Kingrow program w/8 piece db.  I did notice the average ply depths data was replaced with a simple statement as red/white better, equal, or wins in x moves. I also play Checkers Tutor on a NuVision Solo 8 M w/ Android 7.0  Nougat w/MTK 8163 quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM & 16GB storage - cost $50 at Office Depot 12/03/17, (my current mobile device I play checkers on... with Tutor, American, and Aurora downloaded).  Aurora Draughts offers a 89.17MB Android version 4.1 (updated 7/1/17) for $2.99 on Google Play. This program is definitely hard to beat, much larger program & close in strength to Checkers Tutor. You get it free if you buy the full feature Professional Program (e-download, electronic license key or DVD & key) Aurora Borealis Draughts/Checkers Database, (2017 Christmas discount 29 EUR for download or 49 EUR for DVD) or Clarence Gooche US contact otherwise, purchase off Goolge Play for $2.99, and now available off Aurora Borealis site as a free Windows, Android, or iOS download “Aurora Borealis Draughts Lite” (version 3.6) 50.83MB.  View - Aurora Borealis Draughts.  There are 3 basic OS (operating system) offered for small handheld devices: Google has Android, Microsoft has Windows 10, and Apple has iOS. 
Aurora offers an iOS download, and some of the newer tablets offer Windows 10 so you can install a slim Checkerboard & Kingrow.

Cash - Murry Cash developed the Nemesis Checker Program, and also maintain a site with a large archive of games, and offer Nemesis for sale.

CC - Churchill's Compilations

CCC - California Checker Chatter

CCS - Championship Checkers Simplified (1st edition) (2nd edition w/ good Ayrshire Lassie and Defiance) by William F. “Willie” Ryan 

Cedar Point Tournaments:  August 8-15, 1909 First Cedar Point Tournament at Cedar Point, OH.  Charles C. Clark was the 1st place winner of a silver loving cup donated by the Cedar Point Resort Company. This tournament was usually played 1st week in August and referred to as "Cedar Point Ohio Outing Week," also many game matches and exhibition matches stage there.  8/8/1911 second American Checker Association organized at Cedar Point, Oh President Frank Fitzpatrick, Secretary Manson Teetzel.  In 1947 merged with National Checker Association to form American Checker Federation. See Lakeside below.

CG - Complete Guide by Tom Wiswell

CHCKS - Checkers Magazine / Annual

Checkerboard -  an interface checkerboard program with engine that lets you play checkers on a computer.  programmed by Martin Fierz.  This program was developed in early 2000 with his checker engine which was later called Cake.  This interface program has continuously been upgraded and improved including his Cake engine.

Checker Challenger - Fidelity Electronics  (read Fidelity Electronics)

Checker Cruncher - a new website, started 4th quarter 2015 by Brooks Thomas and features: database games, problem generator, problems, forum, etc. & another good place to improve your game. Read an excellent article about Checker Cruncher by Checker Maven (scroll down to Checker Cruncher)   |  Checker Cruncher  (web application designed to help you improve all aspects of the game and have fun doing it).

Checkers Tutor 2.1 - see above Cake

Chinook - checker playing program by Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta, Canada.  The 1st time a computer was allow to compete in a National Tournament, Chinook played in the 1991 37th 3-Move in the Masters Division at Trace Inn, Tupelo, MS.  He is the author of “One Jump Ahead.”   

CKIA - Checker Kings In Action

CM - GM stands for Grand Master, IM for International Master, and CM for Candidate Master, which are earned titles given to distinguish players by WCDF.

Col. Rev, or C.R. or cr - Colors reversed is a position which has been published from a different series of moves.  Upon finding this position in a book or on the board, the student must mentally reverse the Red and White pieces and see the same position from that perspective. This isn't the same as turning a board around or changing sides?  The red pieces become white and vise-versa.  Same position but on the other side of board and naturally if it was a White-To-Move & Win it would now be RTM&W.  Does this happen in real play?  You bet-cha!

Colossus - Colossus draughts program was written by Martin Bryant, UK (1992)

Complete Checkers - Complete Checkers by Richard Pask pb 2017 & 156 openings is the modern Basic Checkers by Dick Fortman published in 1977-83 (144 3-moves).

Cornell Checkers - One of the first good checker programs offered for sale and written by Gil Dodgens which was introduce on a computer by Cornell. You bought the computer with the program as a package. It was later renamed World Champion Checkers (WCC) see below.

CP - Checker Potpourri

CTTW Checkers The Tinsley Way "CTTW" (All Tinsley's Games) By Robert L. Shuffett, M.D. published 1982 “A Classic” The games of the greatest players of all time. "Master Players" dote over this book because it gives the Marion Tinsley's 10+ moves into all 144 restricted 3-Move Openings, these games are a study in excellence - mind boggling.

Deck -  3-Move Deck now has 156 openings, but originally compiled in the early 30's as "2 moves" which was 1st used in Tournaments play in 1934.  These opening grew over the year and later expanded to 3-moves.  The last 12 new openings were add and voted on in 2002 at the Anderson, SC Nationals.  EDA and most of Europe had already accept these openings at least a year prior to ACF.

DEO - Derek E. Oldbury World Champion Checker Player from England and Checker Book Author... “Move Over” and “Encyclopaeda of Draughts/Checkers” who died in 1994.

Don Deweber use to sell checker books.  Don once owned one of the largest private Checker Libraries from acquiring the John Caldwell Library from San Antonio, TX and Irving Windy Library from Sarasota, FL and combined the libraries, plus adding his own collection of over 60 years.  In 2010 he gave away, sold, and finally bequeathed most of his book to Loras College, a Catholic Liberal Arts College in Dubuque, IA and the larger balance of his collection went to Cleveland Public Library in Cleveland, OH.  He continues to collect checker trivia and memorabilia World of Checkers Museum, he also remains trustee of the Keystone Checkers Trust Fund, under the care and ownership of his The John Caldwell-Irving Windt Library of Checkers Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, with an IRS "determination letter.  Right or Wrong, Don Deweber disappointed and dissatisfied about the attendance of the Pennsylvania State Open (2015 & 2014)said he did not consider three or four players at a checker tournament worthy of any interest from the Keystone Trust, so he gifted the Keystone Trust to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania (BGCWPA) in April, 2015.  Keystone Trust changed as “Restated Revocable Trust”  He also knew his health was failing and he didn't know anyone who he wanted as directors, officers, or trustees of John Caldwell-Irving Windt Library of Checkers, Inc, a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3), so his instructed his attorney to distributed all assets upon dissolution. In the summer of 2015 he gifted his collection of checker trivia and memorabilia to the World's Largest Toy Museum located in Branson, MO. 

Dog hole -  referring to the double corner, for White it's square 5, and for Red it's square 28.  The "doghole" needs to be avoided unless necessary or used in stratagem, same for the "dust hole" for White it's 12 and for Red it's square 21 which usually doesn't cause as much a problem as the "doghole" but may makes kinging more difficult by entering this square, but a necessary square in the "In-&-Out" shot.

DWM - Draughts World Magazines which ran from 1892 till 1913.

ECB - Elam's Checker Board (25 vols in large blue or red hardbacks 1-8300 pgs) all Elam’s Advocate Vol 1-11,  1936-1946 + "CB" published by Emin Elam, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky (Volume 1. Number 1. January, 1947 to Vol 25. No 7. July 1971) 

Ed Gilbert - see KingsRow

EDA - English Draughts Association

EDJ - English Draughts Journel their printed Newsletters/Bulletins by the English Draughts Association (EDA). English spelling of journal is journel. 

ECB - Elam's Checker Board, originally published as Mount Sterling Advocate printed in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.  The editor later changed the name to Elam's Checker Board.

Elmira Ch.Bd - Old Checker published in 1885-87.

Fidelity Electronics - “Checker Challenger,” The forerunner of most decent checker programs consider worthy of playing by a checker player.  Most of them at this time were toys. The Fidelity's checker playing machine had been around since 1975 and a number of Master players knew about the program and were able to easily beat it, so when Fidelity Electronics Ltd. from Chicago, Illinois made their premier introduction in 1978 at the 3-Move Murfreesboro, TN ACF National they contributed $5,000 to the prize fund and they want to enter Checker Challenger in the Master Division. This was the first time ACF decided to let a computer play in the US National.  ACF officials and several Master Players said it shouldn't play at that high level of competition since a number of Masters knew it's ability and what level it played at.  This didn't suit Fidelity Electronics but they conceded to play in the Minors anyway. As it turn out, Checker Challengerplaced down in the pack below 20th place, but they did sell a number of machines.  Jules Leopid from Palm Beach, FL a checker celebrity champ, and endorser of the “Checker Challenger Program which Sears later sold both their chess and checker machine. It was a fun program but not Master level.  In 1986 Chinook and Checkers 1.0 were developing into stronger programs.  In 1989 David Levy of Chess and Computer Chess Fame sponsored the first Computer Olympiad in London (a tournament for intelligent computer programs) which 6 checker (draughts) programs competed in that division at the Olympiad.  Jonathan Schaeffer of the University of Alberta at Edmonton entered their baby Chinook, a hurriedly developed checker program that ran on a Sun SPARC machine.  Gil Dodgen's Checkers 1.0 program ran on a Macintosh “Mac II” and Dave Butler's program ran on an old eight-bit Atari.  Chinook was 1st, and took the gold medal, Checkers 1.0 took 2nd placed and silver, and Dave's program placed 3rd as bronze, which opened up new competitiveness in the interest of computer checker programs. After this, ACF hosted US 1990 Nationals and again allowed computers to enter their US National Tournament.  Chinook placed second and Checkers Experimental (second-generation Checkers 1.0 program) tied 6th/7th in that year's National.  Gil Dodgen, partners with Cornell thus Cornell Checkers was possible with more improvements, and a faster computer with some endgame databases. By 1992 US Nationals Cornell Checkers placed 3rd in Masters, as a result of this performance it was offered for sale as a package on a Cornell Computer, a PC with 256K cashe, 8mb of RAM.  Gil Dodgen later offered this program as World Champion Checkers (WCC) for DOS Windows and Macintosh iOS MAC PC's when the Cornell Computer Systems stopped selling their checker computer.  WCC was later improved again by Gil Dodgen and Ed Trice as WCC Gold and Platinum III which is now a free download off the internet.  The WCC Story  I should also mention there were some good respectable checker & draughts programs being developed in the early 90s in Europe like: Checkermate in 1989, Sage, then Blitz, Dynamo Pro in 1992 by Adrian Millett. Colossus Draughts program was written by Martin Bryant, UK (1992), and Nexus (1998), a forerunner of Nemesis (2002) by Murry Cash, and Wyllie Draughts (1991) program by Roberto Waldteufel,  the Aurora Borealis Draughts Program, introduced in 1999 and with continued improvements, and possibly the best or seems to be the best database of choice.  Aurora Borealis Draughts has continued to improve, and they're a favorite of ACPA “Pool Checkers.” Aurora Borealis 4, “Aurora Borealis Draughts professional” lets you work with 14 draughts variations (English, Italian, Russian, Brasilian, Czech, Pool, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, International, Killer, Frisian, Spantsireti and Canadian), play with advanced computer partner, analyze, easily comment games, and create your own games databases!  Most ACF Checker Players prefer Checkerboard w/Cake & Kingsrow engines since this program and these engines continue to be updated, and they offers a 10 piece database and a huge opening book. 5/13/19 Ed Gilbert added machine learning (ML) to Kingsrow's 10 piece endgame db and compress it again saving 85GBs, improved his 2M position open book db which covers all 174 of 3-move openings, and it includes the merger of "book 10" egdb library and the auxiliary MTC & DTC db.  Also read “Kingsrow”

Fierz, Martin - see Cake 

FMJD - Federation Mondiale Du Jeu De Dames (FMJD) The French World Federation which has 3 sections: 100 sq - International Checkers, 64 sq - Russian/Brazilian (known in US as "pool checkers") and Straight Checkers (USA-England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, & Barbados Checkers)  This would establish a clearing house/court of appeal for discussion between checker organizations of a section that are members.  ACF, EDA etc. would keep individual independence, operating as they do now except they would have establish statutes and by-laws on: World Championship Title, Rating System, an umbrella and international forum promoting and establishing checkers as sport/hobby.   We have WCDF (World Checker Draughts Federation) that does this now.

Folding Checker Boards - Some earlier one made by Hawkins or Elzy Langdon in years past.  The late Elzy Langdon, 9 times Kentucky state champion since 1948, used to make the most sought after checkerboard in the 60'-70's.  He made the boards from inlaid linoleum floor tile.  Amos Howard, a paint contractor from Greensboro, NC duplicate the Langdon board 4th INT - Fourth International Match Book

Gil Dodgen - see WCC

GM - GM stands for Grand Master, IM for International Master, and CM for Candidate Master, which are earned titles given to distinguish players by WCDF.

Giveaway Checkers "giveaway checkers" or "Losing Draughts" - The MOS Giveaway Championship - losing draughts tournament held at the Loughborough MSO in August 2002 was the first ever losing draughts tournament to be played in England. It is stated in Hoyle that no "losing draughts" game can ever end in a draw, like single kings in the double corner, who has the opposition will lose.  "Suiy"- Suicide Checkers or Anti-Checkers is drawish as Straight Checkers, however 1 vs 1 isn't a draw.  There is a section on losing draughts in Petrov's book on Russian draughts dated 1827. This is the only known literature on losing draughts. Russian equivalent (Poddavki) & lot of Russian books. Frank Dunne's "Draught Player's Guide" of 1911 also has a section.  There seems to be a re-birth and lots of interest recently among young player, especially on the internet at IYT, and several computer programs dedicated to this style of checkers.

The Golden Dozen - The Golden Dozen Analysis on the newest 12 additions to the 3-move deck by Richard Pask

Goodwin - Don Goodwin... Evelyn Micallef (send some money for postage)  Goodwin Book List

ICF - Eric Strange's website Internet Checkers Federation (ICF),

ICHF or ICHOF - International Checkers Hall of Fame in Petal, MS - A beautiful and lasting memorial to the game.  A complex that has a checker museum, library, hall of flags, gift shop & store, meeting places, tournament rooms for local & national ty, and condominiums/efficiency apartments for retired checker players who want to move to Petal, Mississippi where plenty of good checker plays live.  The founder/director Charles C. Walker opened it in May 1979. A Checkers'  jewel: so much support, promotion, interest, and perseveration has been generated from ICHF.  After Walker closed it in 2005, Petal Mayor Tony Phillips said, "The International Checker Hall of Fame has brought international recognition to the city, a global hotspot for checkers and a checkers shrine."  "I've toured the Checker Hall of Fame and it is a source of pride for our city,"  Phillips said, "It should be established as a historic landmark."  ICHF re-open 2006 this one of a kind Hall of Fame and was back promoting checkers, holding tournaments.  The Mississippi State Open Ty was scheduled on March 11-12th, 2006, and Morrison vs King WTM was held in December 4-9, 2006.  On September 29, 2007 an unexplainable fire started in the tower and quickly engulfed the hall and the rest of the checker complex, destroying all of ICHF.  Charles has been busy rebuilding and now has a checker hall completed for the 2010 Mississippi State Tournament.

I-D - Inter-District Postal Booklets

IID&C -  International Draughts And Checkers 

IM -  GM stands for Grand Master, IM for International Master, and CM for Candidate Master, which are earned titles given to distinguish players by WCDF.

INF - Inferno Of Checkers

Kacker - Jake Kacker a Top Master Pool Checker player from Burbanks CA and “ tgf ” on the ACF Forum.  Jake created, maintains, and shares his website and On-line Checker Library.  Jake also has these pages: World Championship Matches,  Checker Openings, in the OCL library and illustrated books with thousand of animated positions & games.  Jake's ability to organize and share is superb.  Checker players are forever indebted for his contribution to our game... Championship games, books, & library are a delight. You must visit it often.  Jake removed most of this Library since someone was stealing massive downloads from his site in August 2017, so he he took down most of the volumes to just a few (35) books.

King - GM Ronald ‘Suki’ King World Champion Checker Player from Barbados both GAYP & 3-move for a time. King won the 2005 US National GAYP in Dublin, Ohio, but was defeated in August 2005 by Alex Moiseyev in Anderson, SC in their 3-Move WCM. This match was suppose to have been played in 2002 but finally happened after King was satisfied with money and conditions, apparently it worked out for the best since they played for over twice the prize money, but Moiseyev won.  Their GAYP WCM was scheduled for 2006, but Jim Morrison challenged instead of Moiseyev and King defeated Morrison.  King continues to defend his GAYP World Title, but could not regain the 3-Move in October, 2009 against Moiseyev.  King has held the GAYP World Title for 23 years, defending it many times. He won over James Morrison 4-1-17 in 1991 after Don Lafferty defended his title against Morrison in 1986 by 0-0-24 and 3 years later in 1989 against Lowder by 4-3-16 and retired his GAYP World Title 2 years later and died in 6/7/98.  2014 King v Scarpetta GAYP WTM could end King's incredible domination on this opening variation of checkers.  

KCR - The Keystone Checker Review by James E. Reed (1990/Volume 1 -thru- 1995/Volume 6) 36 issues a bimonthly membership magazine... discontinued December 1995 he died a few years after he stopped his KCR publication.

Kear's Ency, Kear's Encyclopedia - has been published in four editions, but is today difficult to find. A very large book, it is known for the quality of play it contains and for the simple format.

KingsRow - is a checkers engine written by Ed Gilbert.  He also has a 10 piece database with a WLD (win/loss/draw) and MTC (moves to conversion) databases for positions with 2 through 10 pieces and up to 5 pieces on a side. Both KingsRow and Cake have huge opening book databases.  You should install the latest version of Martin's 64-bit CheckerBoard and the latest Cake & KingRow engines.  Here is a page & links on information about KingRow's 10-piece database installation notes.  Edgar "Ed" Gilbert, 44 Knollwood Dr., Morristown, New Jersey 07960 phone: 973-538-1135 email:  Ed Gilbert improved and adapted Kingsrow with machine learning (ML) with Depth-To-win Databases, updated the egdb_library docs, Kingsrow version 1.19 / Checkerboard 1.75d in 5/13/19.

KL - Key Landings by Richard Pask

KO - Key Openings by Richard Pask

Kondlo - Lubabalo Kondlo.  Kondlo is a Grandmaster Checker Player from Port Elizabeth, South Africa challenged King in GAYP WTM Sept 8-13, 2008. GM Lubablo Kondlo won 2017 GAYP national in Lebanon, TN on honor points over GM Ron King, with GM Sergio Scarpetta 3rd, Melikaya Nonyukela 4th, and Maxwell Luntonti 5th, GM Lubabalo won the 2017 WCDF WQT in Petal, MS over GM Moiseyev on honor points with GM Nonyukela 3rd, GM King 4th, over GM Luntonti, IM Price, GM Scarpetta on honor points.

Lakeside Open Ty - at Lakeside, 0hio - which is on the North side of the tip of Marblehead peninsula. Same area as Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH. (by ferry service maybe 8 miles, or by road 23 miles to get off the island by causeway to Sandusky then across Sandusky Bay to Danbury to Lakeside. The Tourneys were held or run at the pavilion inside the grounds, overlooking the lake...  The Cedar Point tourney was no longer played at Cedar Point from 1951 forward, as a result of the management of Cedar Point no longer providing suitable playing accommodations for the players. The tourney was moved to Lakeside as of this time, and was no longer called the "Cedar Point" tourney after this year, but was called the "Lakeside" and also called the "Northern Open" at times, and sometimes in later years it is called the "Lakeside Northern Open."  There were three big "annual tourneys" held each year that attract the better players. The Florida Open was usually held the week after Easter. The Southern Open or Southern States Open was held in a southern state in late July and The Lakeside Open was usually held the first week in August at Lakeside, 0hio.  Before Lakeside there was the annual Cedar Point Tys. named for its location at Cedar Point Island Resort, across from Sandusky, OH.  The 1st Cedar Point Tourney was August 8-15, 1909 with C. Clark winning that championship.  Many annual Cedar Pt. Tys and a number of American Tourneys (ACA) were held here.  Lakeside ceased in 1983, and from its demise grew the Northern States Tournament beginning in 1985. See Nat. Tys. & Cedar Point Tys and the above Tys, which have reduced to only The Southern, and The Northern States which eventually died in 2005, being absorbed into the Ohio State Tournament.  The Southern is still played on 2nd Friday - Sunday in July (around the fourth) at Comfort Suites in Lebanon and directed by Frank Davis. The Tennessee Open which is usually scheduled on 1st Friday thru Sunday weekend in March is the current largest tournament with the exception of our Nationals. The Illinois State & 101, West TN Strawberry Festival in Humboldt, Alabama Open, NC State Open, and District IV are also currently some excellent tournaments drawing the better players. We lost the West TN Strawberry Festival in Humboldt, TN in 2015.  Recently Joe McDaniel hosted the Missouri Mixer in 2015 and the 2016 National in Branson, MO which had good attendance and drew top playrize funds.   

LCF  - Learn Checkers Fast by Tommy Wiswell

LDA - Lancashire Draughts As Guide By L.L. Hall, Improvements and corrections of Lees' Guide 1953. 62 pages. Al Lyman said if Lees’ Guide was "yesteryears checker bible" then BC must be "today’s checker bible."

LPC  - Let's Play Checkers by Tommy Wiswell

LVD  6DNL - Louis Van Deven's 6th District Newsletter

Martin Fierz - see Cake

Martynov, Igor - Düsseldorf, Germany - Coordinator and Web-Designer  | 

MCA - Missouri Checker Association established in 1925. George Stallsworth, President, Wilma Wolverton, Secretary/Treasurer, and Darlene Stallsworth, Newsletter Editor (816-689-2859). This Missouri Checker Association Newsletter is possibly the best $10 per year you can spent on your checker interest/hobby.

MEC - Willie Ryan's book Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers

MEC2 - Willie Ryan's book “Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers”  (2nd Edition )      

MFT - the initials of Dr. Marion Franklin Tinsley.

Millett, Adrian - see Fidelity Electronics

MISS - This is Fortman's abbreviation of Missouri Newsletter?  The only place you will see this is in Basic Checkers.  MISS was the old way to abbreviate Mississippi, now using MS

Moiseyev -  A Russia immigrant who become a US citizen and the World 3-Move Champion in 2002. The 2000 World GAYP Title Match between Champion, Ron King & Challenger, Alex Moiseyev was a draw match of 3 wins each & 18 draws leaving King his GAYP title.  Alexander "Alex" Moiseyev playing Russian draughts, the Russian equivalent of checkers, when he was 7 years old and reached a Master level before he was 15. He won the Moscow Championship in international draughts in 1979.  He immigrated to the United States in 1991 with his family to work as a computer programmer.  After switching to the Anglo-American game of checkers/draughts, he began to excel in America.  He continued to challenge champions until he earned the top U.S. titles in Go-As-You-Please Checkers and Three-Move Checkers.  He says his mission is to erase the concept of checkers as a children’s game.  Alex, Grandmaster & World Checker Champion authored "The Sixth" in 2006.  Alex Moiseyev is the undisputed World 3-Move Champion from 2005 until 2013.  Moiseyev held his 3-Move World Title from 2002 (undisputed 2005) until losing it to Michele Borghetti in 2013.  He is also the current World 11-Man Ballot Champion which he has defended numerous time since 2008.  Moiseyev lost his 3-Move Title to Borghetti in 2013, and Borghetti defended his title against Kondlo in 2015. So GM Alex Moiseyev must try again at the 2018 WQT.

MOS - Mind Sports Olympiad in Cambridge, England UK 

MP - Master-Play - A total of seven books were published by M. Francis Tescheleit bearing this title, each covering one opening move. Play in MP is difficult to follow and many of the moves given in it are not considered as very good today.

M.S.A. or MSA Mount Sterling Advocate. Former weekly (later monthly) checker publication printed in Mt. Sterling, Ky, the editor later changed the name to Elam's Checker Board. (ECB) No longer printed.

MS ms mss - manuscript pl mss ex: Stiles mss - John B. Stiles Expert Manuscript 7-parts all 7 openings moves (GAYP & 2-Move)

MTC - Move to conversion information, or MTC for short. A "conversion" happens when a capture is taken, or a man crowns, or the leading man of either side moves forward. The MTC databases do not always play the shortest route to victory when in a won position, but they always guarantee a clear route to victory unlike "perfect play" 8 piece databases get win/draw in least number of moves.

MWC - Midwest Checkersbr>
Nat. Ty. or N.T.  or NT - Any of the various National Tourneys sponsored by the ACA, NCA or ACF.  The annual National Tournaments usually play GAYP on odd and 3-Move on even years.

N.C.A. or NCA - National Checker Assn. This group merged with the ACA in 1946 to form the ACF

(NCCA) - North Carolina Checker Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promotes and preserve the game of checkers in North Carolina.

Nemesis - A checker program by Murry Cash from Great Britian.  Nexus (1998), a forerunner of Nemesis (2002). See Cash, Murry

North Carolina State Open is the annual state tournament that has recognized a state champion since 1890.  You can view a continuous record of our NC State Tournament Winners. The (NCCA) North Carolina Checker Association began in 1918.

North American Checker Board - The North American Checker Board was a monthly checker news publication by editor Lyman Stearns.  The first issue was May 15, 1898.

N.E.C.B. or NECB - Short-lived checker publication of some 25 years ago.

Northern States Tourney - When Lakeside vanished after Claude Hile's death and Northern States came about after the demise of Lakeside. The 1st Northern States was held in 1985, the last Northern States Open was held July 16 & 17, 2005 at the Traveler's Choice Hotel, 2875 Medina Road, Medina, Ohio (west of Akron).  Sadly this was the last Northern States Tournament organized and sponsored by Richard Beckwith as it was absorbed into the Ohio State Tourney which he is also its director.  - see Lakeside Tourney for more explanation.

Ohio State Open - Usually held 1st weekend in September with high caliber Grandmaster talent players, Northern States eventually died in 2005, being absorbed into the Ohio State Tournament - sponsor/director Richard Beckwith.

OJA - One Jump Ahead, see Chniook

Pask, Richard  "PBC & D"  Richard Pask's intermediate/advanced level book, Play Better Checkers and Draughts, 1st Edition is available in electronic (PDF) format for US $10.00. Delivery is by email attachment or download.  You can download Pask's Golden Dozen and 15 other books on Bob Newell's - The Checker Maven  A GREAT CHECKER website...

PDF - PDF files, Adobe - Portable Document Format, Adobe®rs the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting ontel Alamac, NYC, wo checker programs were vastly improved after the older Checkers and Cornell Checker programs which were the best there was at the time.

Richard "Dick" Fortman - see Basic Checkers

Sage - PC Solutions, Adrian Millett, the Sage programmer from Great Britain.  Sage Draughts (last and best), Checkermate 1989, then Blitz, Dynamo Pro were some of his strong checker programs introduced in 1992. See Millett

Scarpetta - GM Sergio Scarpetta from Foggia, Italy won the 2014 GAYP WTM title from GM Ron King July 10, 2014. In the 2016 GAYP WCM Michele Borghetti vs Sergio Scarpetta he loses it.  Sergio Scarpetta won over Moiseyev at the 2016 3-Move WQT in Rome, Italy which he will challenge GM Borghetti in 2017 3-Move WTM.  Moiseyev lost his 3-Move Title to Borghetti in 2013, and Borghetti defended his title against Kondlo in 2015. So GM Alex Moiseyev must try again at the 2018 WQT.

Southern States Checkers Association (SSCA) aka “Southern States Ty” - 1st Southern States Tournament was held in Atlanta, Georgia on September 10th thru 12th, 1908.  Mr. F. B. "Captain" Fishburne-SC won the tournament and 2nd place went to Pickett, 3rd to Hall, and 4th to Netherlands.  In the “hay-day of checkers,” in the 50's thru early 80's, there were four tourneys held each year that attract the most and definitely the better players - the Florida Open was usually held the week after Easter (Mar-Apr).  The Southern Open was held in a Southern State in late July, and the Lakeside Open was usually held the first week in August at Lakeside, 0hio. And and of course, the Nationals was usually held in mid August and it also was close on number and talent according to Dick Fortman. 

Tennessee Checker Association (TCA) - was established in 1908, and Mr. G. S. Fuller was the Tennessee State Champion at that time.  Frank Davis of Clarksville become President in 1985 taking over from H.B. Bell. The Tennessee Tournament was always held in Tennessee but both the Tennessee Open and the Southern were move to Lebanon, Tennessee under Frank Davis's leadership & tournament sponsorship.  He become President of Southern States in 2001, replacing Jim Guthrie of Humboldt, TN.  Frank Davis is business acclimated to procedures and accountability. He is efficient in handling money as well as run tournaments which brings to mind his wife Mary, his teammate and Secretary & Treasurer of both organizations.  Frank Davis always presented full transparency, providing bank statements and financials on the William C. Green Fund, Leonard Hickman $10K gift account, and the Gene Lindsay $50K Fund.  

Thomas - Brooks Thomas creator of Checker Cruncher site, see Checker Cruncher above.

WCC or WCC2 -World Class Checkers (match games for the World Title - Marion Tinsley vs Asa Long 1985, and his 2nd match, Marion Tinsley vs Don Lafferty 1987) Each match was 40 games. Copyright/published by Robert L. Shuffett 1988. 94 pages. Considered one of the greatest match books ever written... more mind-boggling play.

WCC - World Championship Checkers (WCC), a forerunner of Gil Dodgen's Checkers 1.0 program and Cornell Checkers. Renamed WCC for DOS Windows PC's & Macintosh MAC PC's when the Cornell Computer Systems stopped selling their checker computer.  WCC was later improved again by Gil Dodgen and Ed Trice as WCC - Gold, and Platinum III in both MAC and Windows systems which now are free download off the internet.  Most checker players prefer Checkerboard w/Cake & Kingrow engines since this program and these engines continue to be updated, and offers a 10 piece database and a huge opening book.

WCD - World Championship Draughts

WCDF - World Checkers Draughts Federation (WCDF) is the international body that promotes and organizes checkers/draughts as played under "English" rules.

W.Ch.Ch. - World Championship Checkers pub.1950 (pb) 158 pgs. by Willie Ryan & Tom Wiswell "A Classic" (1-50 Title Games: Hellman defended Ryan in 1949 at Joliet, Ill.) (51-100 Title Games: Hellman won over Asa Long in 1948 at Cedar Point, Ohio) Both matches are professionally annotated as are all 4 classic books ABC, WCC, CTTW and W.Ch.Ch. These books have many of the same games that are covered also in the ACF Bulletins. 

WCM - World Championship Match

W.C.P. or WCP  - Wood's Checker Player. Former highly regarded magazine, still prized by collectors of checker literature.

WTC - World Title Checkers

WTM - World Title Match, same as WCM

WTM or wtm - means white to move, WTM&D or WTM&W means white to move and draw or win. The same if Black (Red) and White are used.  You see this in checker problems so you know who's turn to move. 

WWC&D - Wonderful World Of Checkers And Draughts by Tom Wiswell

W.W. or WW - White Wins.

Wyllie - Wyllie draughts program by Roberto Waldteufel from Great Britian around 1998.  Roberto Waldteufel also has a nice draughts site available by membership.

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