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2015 Checker News!

      20 Best 1st Moves in 3-Move   "Get a 11-Man Opening"  
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USA Checkers - facebook

King Me is now available on iTunes!  
King Me Movie Trailer

World of Checkers Museum

Jake Kacher's on-line library
Google Checker Event Calendar

Jay Hinnershitz, OMOCH (On-Line Museum of Checker History)
Roberto Waldteufel -Wyllie Draughts
The “King Me” film (ThinkMedia Studios, Cleveland, OH)
2015 International Checkers Hall of Fame (ICHF) Checkers Annual Magazine
12/7/2015 DreamMore Resort / Dollywood Conference Call
2015 Visit to Checker Maven's HQ - Bob Newell

Checker Poetry  |  Checker Sculpture
Joe McDaniel's wife Jeannie inducted into Hall of Fame
2015 Nathan Gogo

Jimmy Grant of Scotland died 12/08/2015
William Pendleton died 10/12/2014
Burt Swift died 9/20/2015
Harry Meadows died 9/10/2015
Scott Chapman died 8/12/2015
Homer Rankhorn died 8/2/2015
Myrl L. Sartain died 8/23/2015
Jan Mortimer died 7/26/2015
Tilton “Bill” William Stanley died 6/29/2015
George Wilson Murphy died 6/20/2015
Dr. Uel E. Clear died 4/21/2015
Roger Creech died 8/28/2014
Charles “Chase” Walker died 5/25/2015
Con McCarrick died 5/22/2015
Bruce Morrison died 5/3/2015
Edward Carroll King died 4/30/2015
Lawrence W. Newsom died 4/1/2015
Louise B. Salot died 3/12/2015
Earl Allen Morrison died 2/17/2015
Ottis Hubert (H.O.) Baldree died 2/14/2015
Kenneth Moree Giddens died 2/3/2015
William “Bill” Williams died 1/22/2015
Sherman S. Gardner died 2/27/2013
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New WCDF Officers
Clint Holmes Handcraft Pens
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